What is EFTPOS & How Does an EFTPOS Work?

Among the myriad acronyms that permeate the business landscape, EFTPOS often stands out as an unfamiliar one. However, once its intricacies are unraveled, it transforms into a valuable tool. Let Cleantouch EPOS shed light on this enigma.

As you delve into the intricacies of the technology essential for running your business, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by a plethora of lengthy and perplexing acronyms. The complexity might make you yearn for the simplicity of the bygone era, characterized by cash, coins, and straightforward over-the-counter sales.

Yet, technologies like EFTPOS play an indispensable role & thus becoming a necessity for every business. Understanding these technological nuances not only demystifies their complexities but also makes navigating the business landscape significantly smoother.

What is EFTPOS? What does EFTPOS stand for?

EFTPOS translates to electronic funds transfer at the point of sale. This acronym encapsulates the seamless system of on-site electronic payments. Whether it’s the payment card, referred to as an EFTPOS card, or the device itself, commonly known as an EFTPOS machine, the essence remains the same – facilitating electronic transactions within a business.

What is an EFTPOS machine?

When someone mentions the “EFTPOS machine,” they’re talking about the devices instrumental in processing payments via bank cards. These machines, intricately connected to Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems, create a symbiotic relationship that streamlines customer transactions. Notably, Epos Payments exemplifies this synergy with a design harmonized for optimal compatibility with EPOS till systems.

Emerging in the 1980s, these devices gained full prominence in the 2000s, becoming a staple for customer-facing businesses. In the modern era, businesses relying solely on cash transactions experience substantial losses, alienating cashless customers, especially the wallet-less younger generation.

Exploring the EFTPOS Advantages/Benefits

  • Advantages

Streamlined Transactions: EFTPOS streamlines the transaction process, reducing the need for cash handling. This efficiency benefits both customers and merchants, offering a seamless and convenient payment alternative.

Enhanced Security Measures: The security protocols of EFTPOS transactions provide a robust defense against fraud and financial crimes. Authentication and verification processes ensure a secure environment for financial interactions.

Cost-Effective Transactions: Many EFTPOS providers present businesses with the advantage of low and consistent merchant fees. This allows for accurate forecasting of processing costs, contributing to financial planning.

Card Compatibility: Modern POS terminals boast versatility by accepting a wide array of card types, including global standards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, these terminals facilitate hassle-free contactless payments.

How does EFTPOS look like?

EFTPOS devices manifest in two primary forms, each catering to distinct business needs. The traditional hardware, though bulkier, boasts versatility by operating in standalone mode or in conjunction with an EPOS device.

This conventional EFTPOS juggles tasks seamlessly – from processing contactless payments to swiping or inserting cards. It manages payment totals, generates z-read reports, handles refunds, and caters to customers even in their absence.

In contrast, a more contemporary, streamlined EFTPOS has emerged, thriving on portability, practicality, and a sleek design. While these devices often require integration with an EPOS system, their modern aesthetics appeal to businesses and consumers alike.

How does an EFTPOS work?

Initiating an EFTPOS transaction involves the utilization of an interconnected EFTPOS machine, linking multiple networks to facilitate a successful payment.

The key players in this network include the buyer’s bank, the merchant’s bank, the EFTPOS machine provider, and point-of-sale technology. Collaboratively, these components orchestrate a series of steps that encompass authentication, verification, and the transfer of funds. This meticulous process is designed to guarantee the secure and expeditious completion of transactions.

While settlement times may exhibit variability, potentially influencing business cash flow, the overall procedure is characterized by its streamlined and user-friendly nature. EFTPOS transactions, by virtue of their well-coordinated network interactions, offer businesses a secure and efficient means of processing payments.

Stepping into the Future with Cleantouch EPOS

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the realm of EFTPOS systems, alongside discovering tailored payment options for your business, connect with Axcess IT Cleantouch EPOS today. Explore a spectrum of possibilities and find the perfect payment system that aligns seamlessly with your business needs. Your journey towards enhanced efficiency and seamless transactions starts here.

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How to Improve Cash Flow in your Business?

Efficiently managing cash flow is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. While we all enjoy seeing money come in, keeping a close eye on what’s going out and what’s in hand is equally important. Neglecting this aspect could lead your business to face potential issues without your awareness.

Cash flow stands out as a vital metric, especially when forecasting the future growth of your business. But what exactly is cash flow?

What is Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the movement of money within your business. It’s essential to note that having a profitable business doesn’t automatically translate to positive cash flow—a common misconception, especially for new or small businesses. It’s entirely possible to have a profitable business with a negative cash flow, a situation that can pose significant challenges.

How to Improve Cash Flow in your business?

To avoid such pitfalls, invest the necessary time and effort into cash flow management effectively. Here are practical measures and tips to enhance your business’s cash flow:

  1. Utilize Point of Sale (POS) for Tracking: Employ AxcessIT EPOS for a straightforward approach to monitoring your business’s cash flow. This system can automate various processes, providing a comprehensive overview of your cash flows at any given time. Especially beneficial for small businesses, EPOS helps organize and record all sales, serving as the initial step toward improving your business’s cash flow. Get customized POS Reports with our EPOS that serves what you seek, be it for in-house improvements or customer management.
  2. Prompt Invoicing: Send out your invoices promptly to expedite payment. In cases where delays occur, utilize your EPOS System to issue payment reminder letters. If needed, a quick call, facilitated by the handy customer details stored in the EPOS, can serve as an effective reminder. Ensure your invoices are clear, concise, and specific, particularly regarding the payment due date.  Also, Batch invoicing can be done through our EPOS Systems which means sending invoices to multiple customers at one go.
  3. Diversify Payment Options: Simplify the payment process for your customers to expedite transactions. Offering various online payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, BACS payment increases the likelihood of faster payments. With Axcess IT EPOS System, you can have your bank account details on the invoice. EPOS also facilitates payments via card readers.
  4. Trim Operating Costs: Review your expenses meticulously and identify areas for cost reduction. It is one of the most underrated cash flow problems. Avoid unnecessary expenditures and focus on areas that won’t adversely impact your business. Be judicious in cutting costs, ensuring it aligns with your financial capacity and doesn’t harm your business. Likewise, In our EPOS Systems, one of our feature ‘miscellaneous cost’ will help you in doing cash flow effectively.
  5. Promote Early Payments: Encourage early payments by offering customers a cash discount as an incentive. This strategy often motivates customers to settle their payments promptly, positively impacting your cash inflows. For overdue payments, consider sending out reminder letters. Customers can also do the pre-payment through our Axcess EPOS so that the cash-flow improves.
  6. Experiment with Pricing: Boost your cash flow by experimenting with pricing. While adjusting prices may seem daunting, it’s worth exploring. There’s no guarantee of sales loss; instead, it could result in increased cash inflow. Experiment with pricing to gauge your customers’ price sensitivity and find the optimal balance. In Axcess IT EPOS systems, we have a feature call ‘Price Matrix’ where the cost is variable or fixed depending upon the customers.

Implementing these strategies will not only help with business cash flow solutions effectively but also contribute to its overall financial health. You can also avail cash flow forecasts & Stock takes with the tool.

Before you go…

Investing in a tailored POS system crafted for your industry holds the potential for a remarkable return on investment. Opt for software that comprehensively addresses all your business requirements. For instance, EPOS by Axcess IT could be the best match as it offers extensive features beyond How to improve cash flow.

Get in touch If you’re prepared to transition into financial success and enhance your business’s profitability and cash flow immediately.

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What is POS Data?

Laundry and dry-cleaning Businesses are experiencing a digital transformation in the ever-evolving market. This shift involves the adoption of Point of Sale or POS systems, replacing traditional cash registers. These advanced systems bring efficiency, convenience, and data-rich opportunities to laundry and dry-cleaning establishments, much like they do for other businesses. Let’s explore how these businesses are leveraging technology for enhanced customer service and growth.

In this article, we’ll explore What is POS Data, POS Data types, and more.

What is POS Data?

POS data comprises information gathered during customer sales transactions, whether in-store, online, or via mobile apps. For Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses, this data includes product transactions, inventory details, customer insights, and staff performance. Utilizing this data can significantly enhance decision-making within these establishments.

Following a customer’s payment, each POS system accumulates substantial volumes of unprocessed transactional data. Differing from payment data, which only reveals the amount and timing of purchases, Point of sale data provides a more comprehensive view. This rich data source allows Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses to understand customer order patterns and efficiently manage their services, in-house stock & marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Customer POS data is efficiently utilized for business analytics, growth & other operations crucial for thriving Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses.

Types of POS Data

1. Payment Token Data

POS data doesn’t collect personal info about individual customers for security reasons. However, it does gather data like payment card type and the last four digits of the card during a transaction. Although it never records full card details, this info can help create a non-unique payment token. Laundry and Dry-cleaning Businesses can use this token to recognize returning customers, their purchases, and payment methods, with about 97% accuracy.

2. Customer POS Data

Customer data consists of the information derived from a loyalty card. When a customer decides to enroll in a loyalty program and scans their card during a transaction, it provides you with comprehensive POS data. Notably, unlike payment token data, this kind of data is directly associated with the individual customer.

3. Location Data

POS data can reveal the sale location, going beyond just the country. You can access detailed information about customer orders, including their region, town, specific outlet, and even the individual POS checkout.

4. Promotion Data & Coupon Data

Promotion data offers insights into the effectiveness of your in-store promotions. It shows if a customer is using a promotion and which specific one they’ve chosen. This helps Laundry and Dry-cleaning Businesses gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, understand customer preferences, and identify which products benefit most from promotions.

Customer coupon behavior reveals important data. Your Smart POS system tracks coupon details like source, popularity, and customer usage. It also helps measure coupon impact on repeat visits and purchase sizes, often compared to a control group for accuracy.

5. POS Staff Data

Whenever a store associate utilizes your POS software to complete a sale, that sale gets linked to their user profile. This feature is particularly beneficial for store managers as it allows them to monitor the sales performance of their teams, ensuring that every team member is actively contributing towards achieving the store’s sales targets. Staff Clock In and clock Out is also included in the reports. Such POS Reports are crucial in designing future business goals.

Why Launderers should analyze POS data?

These days, POS data providers deal with large amounts of information collected via POS terminals. This aids in drilling down individual customer’s data to determine Point of Sale Market Size. Being in the Laundry business, you should access this data smartly as it serves as a major untapped resource. When gathered properly and analyzed well, it unlocks a great value. It tells you all the minute details about your customers, thus leading to better personalized experiences.

Explore Your Business Insights with Axcess IT CleanTouch EPOS

For over a decade, Axcess IT CleanTouch EPOS has been dedicated to offering point-of-sale systems featuring customized, in-depth reporting designed to suit your business requirements. Whether you’re in the Laundry or Dry-cleaning business, we facilitate user-friendly EPOS software, making it simpler than ever to harness the power of technology. From POS data analysis to smarter management of POS terminals, you’ll feel the difference.
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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment: Must have items to get started with

Are you intrigued by the booming laundry and dry-cleaning industry? If you’ve ever considered diving into this profitable business or pondered automating your existing laundry processes, you’ve landed in the right spot.

In this blog, we’re here to simplify things for you. We’ll be your guide, sharing insights about essential laundry and commercial dry cleaning equipment. And if you’re already running a dry-cleaning business, stay tuned! We’ll help you ensure you’re on the right track.

Taking the first steps: Dry Cleaning Equipment

If you’re venturing into the world of dry cleaning, your first step is investing in the right dry-cleaning business equipment.

Essential Laundry and Dry-cleaning Equipment

Let us share the essential list of dry cleaning equipment you’ll need as you proceed.

1. Washers: Your Laundry Workhorse

When setting up your laundry and dry-cleaning business, one of your first considerations should be washers. These machines play a crucial role in your daily operations. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Holding Capacity
  • Cycle Length
  • Drum Size
  • Key Features
  • Space Efficiency
  • Warranty and Service
  • Energy Consumption

Invest wisely in washers to prevent excessive repair and maintenance expenses.

2. Dryers: Efficient Drying with Cost in Mind

Dryers are another essential piece of equipment, but they can drive up operational costs due to electricity consumption. To make the right choice:

  • Holding Capacity
  • Key Features
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Fabric Protection

Selecting efficient dryers can significantly boost your business’s productivity.

3. Cleaning Chemicals: The Right Solutions for Every Fabric

Different fabrics and stains demand specific cleaning chemicals. Here’s what you should know:

  • Quality Matters
  • Variety Needed
  • Specialized Care
  • Colour-Safe Bleach
  • Fabric Conditioner
  • Whiteness Enhancement

By using the right cleaning chemicals, you protect both fabrics and the environment.

4. Presses and Steamers: Wrinkle-Free Finish

Presses and steamers are your allies for delivering wrinkle-free garments. Look for these qualities:

  • Efficient Steamers
  • User-Friendly Controls

Presses and steamers are essential for maintaining the quality of your cleaned garments.

5. Sorting Bins: Organization Is Key

Sorting bins are often overlooked but crucial for an organization:

  • Separate Clothes
  • Streamline Workflow

Investing in sorting bins keeps your laundry and dry-cleaning operations efficient.

6. Hangers, Garment Coverings, and Racks: The Final Touch

After cleaning, garments need proper storage. Don’t forget:

  • Adequate Hangers
  • Garment Coverings
  • Basic Clothing Racks
  • Branding

Clean, well-packaged garments contribute to your brand’s image and customer satisfaction.

With these essential pieces of laundry and dry-cleaning equipment, you’re well-equipped to start and run a successful business.

Streamline Your Laundry Business with CleanTouch EPOS

Running a laundry and dry-cleaning business just got easier with our CleanTouch EPOS system. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking customer orders and payments manually – we’ve got you covered.

What Axcess IT EPOS Offers:

  • Easy and Intuitive: Our point-of-sale system is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Keep track of your customers, and their preferences, and stay connected through SMS, email, WhatsApp, and mobile notifications.
  • Digital Payments: Offer seamless payment options with digital payment links.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide exceptional service to build brand loyalty.
  • Business Expansion: Our EPOS Systems are known for empowering businesses to grow exponentially.
  • Flexible Marketing: You don’t need to approach marketers when you have CleanTouch EPOS. This system is capable of designing personalized Marketing strategies for the Dry cleaning and laundry business.
  • Analytics & Customized Reporting: Download custom reports as required for crucial business analytics.

With our EPOS Systems, you’re not just managing orders; you’re creating an outstanding brand and ensuring a great customer experience. Simplify your operations and watch your business thrive.

Keep Tabs on Your Orders with Information Tags (Garment Tracking)

When a friendly customer service representative takes your order, they’re not just jotting down notes; they’re creating a special tag that stays with your clothes throughout the laundry and dry-cleaning journey.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Your order’s tag is your garment’s best friend until you pick it up.
  • During the wash, dry, and press stages, your tag has its special spot, away from others.
  • It helps us keep track of your items, so they’re always ready for you.

But that’s not all! With CleanTouch, we use smart barcode and QR code tags that can withstand washing. They make sorting, packaging, and identifying your garments a breeze. Plus, you’ll always get the right garments back.

Ready to take your laundry and dry cleaning to the next level? Try this smart and efficient EPOS by Axcess IT. Discover more by getting in touch today!

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What is a POS Report?

If you’re into the laundry business, POS Reports must be your everyday thing. Whether you’re willing to learn about POS Transactions or want to understand more about POS Sales Reports, this blog will be helpful.

In today’s fierce business arena, winning demands more than just skill – it’s about wielding every tool in your arsenal to forge ahead. Picture this: As your laundry and dry-cleaning orders surge, corralling data from all fronts becomes your secret weapon. Imagine the cost leaks and underperformance that might slip your radar without a bird’s-eye view.

Now, the plot twist: You can unravel this data puzzle effortlessly. Enter the point of sale (POS) reporting – your key to unlocking insights and staying steps ahead.

What are POS Reports? What are they used for?

POS Reports, as the name suggests, is all about resourceful insights into your business straight from a point-of-sale terminal. Imagine POS reports as your business’s data magic. They’re conjured from the depths of your system, thanks to the EPOS wizardry that effortlessly captures every interaction. Think quick access to a treasure trove of insights – sales, returns, payroll, taxes, you name it. The everyday potion reveals daily sales and staff insights. But hold on – these reports have a whole enchanting arsenal! However, many launderers haven’t tapped into this mystical potential of their POS systems. Besides helping entrepreneurs with better staff management, these reports help them outline areas requiring immediate action and improvements. In addition, they help entrepreneurs ensure loyal customers don’t leave them.

We hope you’re clear with what is a POS Report now.

Types of Point of Sale Report

Here are the common types of point-of-sales reports you can generate with a POS terminal.

1. Sales Report
2. Payment Report
3. Staffing
4. Employee Performance Report
5. Customer Report

Make a difference with Custom POS Reports by Cleantouch

Cleantouch EPOS System is worth an investment whether you want valuable insights into your business or get Custom POS reports. Besides helping you manage POS Transactions with ease, it helps you make informed decisions about staff, in-house operations, and more. Cleantouch EPOS systems let you do more than get sales and staff reports. Here is what you can expect:

➯ Track customer details in a few clicks
➯ Synchronize customer data across stores
➯ Create and export customer reports
➯ Run marketing campaigns
➯ Create customer loyalty programs

Empower your business with Cleantouch EPOS System today! Call our experts to know more…

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Axcess IT Cleantouch – Custom Point of Sale (POS) Software

Elevate your business with a one-of-a-kind EPOS solution tailored to your unique needs. Cleantouch POS offers a specialized Custom POS System that stands out from the rest. We provide a cost effective customized POS solution that ensures your business receives the perfect fit.

Businesses also possess the characteristics that set them apart. Recognizing this, we deliver complete point-of-sale solutions that align precisely with your business requirements. With a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, our POS System has established itself as a proficient software for laundry & Dry cleaning businesses. It’s a great pleasure to have an efficient point-of-sale system encompassing Laundry & Dry-cleaning industries. Cleantouch POS possesses the expertise necessary to provide your business with a tailored Custom POS Solution. Additionally, the team is capable of constructing custom applications that cater to the evolving needs of your business.

Embrace the opportunity to harness Cleantouch EPOS’s existing platform and create a top-tier POS software system for your business.

Why Axcess IT Cleantouch POS Stands Out: Unveiling the Distinctiveness of our Custom POS Solutions!

Cleantouch POS emerges as a beacon of uniqueness, offering a distinct approach that makes it unique. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Cleantouch Custom POS Solution stand out:

1. Unmatched Flexibility

Our POS takes flexibility to a new level. Not only it caters to your business needs but also integrates seamlessly with other programs or systems you rely on. This ensures that you can operate your business in a way that feels most comfortable and aligned with your workflows.

2. Accommodates all Launderers

From bustling launderers to dry-cleaning startups, it accommodates all types and sizes of laundry businesses. Tell us your requirements and we’ll design a personalized solution that perfectly suits your business operations.

3. Crafted to Your Specifications

Cleantouch is the perfect instance that every laundry business has its own unique identity and requirements. That’s why our POS systems are tailor-made for each business. By recognizing the specific needs of your niche, we can provide substantial cost savings for our customers.

4. Limitless Customization Possibilities

Whether you require minimal customization or a complete standalone program, Cleantouch Custom POS Software is the one. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of customization needs:

  • Third-party integrations

  • Posting sales information to external databases or files

  • Generate custom reports

  • Advanced reports for a bigger picture – big data analytics

  • Barcode scanning

  • Crafting unique processing rules for orders and inventory management

  • Creating bespoke checkout experiences

  • Credit card payments

  • Refunded and voided payments

  • Implementing a dedicated Order Tracking System

  • Email receipts

  • Garment tracking

  • Lost-ticket help

  • Built-in marketing feature

  • Automatic alerts

  • Scheduling reports

  • New feature development

  • Automated invoicing

  • Collection & delivery customization

5. Consultation for the Unforeseen

Don’t hesitate to ask us for any features that offer stability and keep your management sane. We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and find a suitable solution. It’s beyond POS transactions when you choose us. Our Sales/Technical Support team is here to answer your questions and address your concerns as you embark on this transformative journey. Meanwhile, you can check how to use a till for your reference.

Gift a Customized Operational Excellence to your Laundry Business!

Your quest for the ideal POS system concludes here! We understand the distinct requirements of launderers. This extends our commitment towards best-of-breed, budget-friendly solutions that go basics. We provide comprehensive point-of-sale solutions that perfectly fit your business.

Step forward and witness why countless customers trust Cleantouch EPOS for their business needs. Our tailored POS systems are designed to seamlessly align with your enterprise, empowering you to achieve operational excellence. Contact us today to experience the transformative capabilities of our customized solutions for POS.

Take Charge of Your Business Growth! We’re just a call away – (0208 986 9119)

Embark on a new journey with Cleantouch EPOS by AxcessIT. We provide comprehensive point-of-sale solutions supported by round-the-clock assistance. Take the plunge and give us a call today. Join the ranks of countless satisfied launderers who’ve witnessed our unwavering commitment to their POS needs. Your business deserves the best – let’s make it happen together!

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Axcess IT – Cleantouch: The Future Smart POS Systems for Dry Cleaners & Launderers

In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping up with the latest technologies is crucial for success. According to recent stats, 85% of small businesses are investing in modern technologies to boost their efficiency. And one tool that stands out is the smart POS system.

Gone are the days of manual management and the need for extra manpower. With a smart POS like Cleantouch, you can seamlessly handle inventory, payments, customers, and employees. It automates these critical tasks with 100% efficiency, saving your time and effort.

The beauty of our smart point of sale system lies in its ability to integrate various business operations into one user-friendly software. Say goodbye to the complexity and welcome streamlined operations. Dive deep into the world of smart POS software for better insights and a thriving business.

What is Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS?

Cleantouch EPOS by Axcess IT is an innovative and comprehensive Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system designed to enhance daily business operations for laundry & dry-cleaning businesses. It is a product of Axcess IT, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions.

This EPOS system offers a wide range of features and functionalities, making it a powerful tool for small and large launderers. From letting new laundry businesses streamline operations to facilitating multi-store management for giants, Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS caters to diverse business needs.

Key features of the Cleantouch EPOS system

  1. Inventory Control: Keep track of stock levels, monitor item movement, and receive alerts for low stock. This helps in optimizing inventory and avoiding stockouts.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Build strong customer relationships by capturing customer information, tracking purchase history, and implementing loyalty programs.
  3. Reporting and Analytics: Access real-time insights into sales, stock, and performance through detailed reports and analytics. Make data-driven decisions for business growth.
  4. Effective Marketing: With Cleantouch EPOS, it is feasible to implement advertisement campaigns for more walk-ins. Also, this marketing approach can be customized according to the user data available with the POS terminals.
  5. Employee Management: Manage staff roles, do performance tracking, track working hours, and assign tasks efficiently with the EPOS system.
  6. Customization: Axcess IT – Cleantouch is fully customized EPOS as per client requirements. You will get exactly that suits your business.
  7. Lost tickets: Losing laundry tickets can be a nightmare. Say goodbye to manual hassles with the EPOS till system. Easily track stock, ownership, and pickup locations by entering customer details. Ticket found, worries gone!
  8. Credit Card Integration: Stay stress-free with the smart POS machine. It tracks billing records in advance, managing auto-billing for credit cards. No need to collect payments on delivery, saving you time and hassle as a busy cleaner.
  9. Security: With Axcess IT, detect suspicious activity effortlessly. Our advanced systems work tirelessly, allowing you to focus on your business without constant monitoring. Stay secure, stay focused.
  10. Garment Tracker: Effortlessly track and manage garment orders with the Garment Tracker. Dispatch, process, and prioritize tasks based on delivery dates. Stay in control and organized with ease.
  11. Email Updates: We save customer relationships and the environment together with timely updates via email. With Cleantouch EPOS, you can send invoices, receipts, customer tickets, statements, and delivery notes, and run marketing campaigns through email.

Overall, Cleantouch electronic POS is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize in-house operations, boost efficiency, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Embrace Success with Cleantouch Smart POS

In the dynamic world of restaurants and retail, the smart point-of-sale system is your ultimate ally. Stay competitive by automating business operations, freeing up time to focus on other critical functions. Let Cleantouch be your key to success! You can get started with our POS system for small businesses or large, it is for one and all laundry and dry-cleaning businesses.


What is a Smart POS system?

The Smart POS system blends traditional point-of-sale functions with technology. It streamlines business operations like sales, payments, reporting, and customer interactions.

How does a Smart POS work?

This technology harmoniously blends hardware (touchscreen terminal or tablet) with software, ensuring seamless transactions. Manage inventory, payments, and reports effortlessly. And enjoy bonus features like loyalty programs, staff management, garment tracking, credit card integrations, etc.

Is there any way to access Smart POS offline?

Some might offer offline access while others don’t. For better accessibility, it is important to have an internet connection live while using the EPOS system. Otherwise, storing, retrieving, and synchronizing information might be interrupted.

Which businesses can benefit from a Smart POS system?

With Smart POS, laundry and dry-cleaning businesses, cobblers, key cutters, etc are a great benefit. It is still useful for other small and large businesses though!

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A Guide to the POS Cash Register Systems

Before we discuss the POS Cash register in this blog, let’s have a recap of the history of the cash register.

Mankind’s retail journey with bartering began 10,000 years ago. The introduction of currency marked a turning point, leading to the invention of the cash register in 1879. It was indeed a revolutionizing move for the industry. The 1980s brought POS systems, streamlining transactions, inventory management, and providing sales insights. We can say it was an era when bartering started transitioning to POS at this point.

Today, cash registers and POS systems work hand in hand, optimizing business operations and enhancing customer experiences. With technology constantly evolving, the future of dry cleaners and launderers hold even more exciting possibilities. POS is shaping the way we shop and do business. Tradition and innovation merge with this technology, thus creating a seamless shopping experience in our daily lives.

What is a POS Cash Register System?

A Point-of-sale (POS) Cash Register is all about enhancing the efficiency of businesses. It combines the power of point-of-sale software with cash register hardware, thus streamlining payments and optimizing operations.

Cash Register POS systems securely track and stores cash with separate compartments for denominations. It processes transactions, accepts various payments, and gathers vital business data. Integrating both tools allow easy cash acceptance and management. POS software (like our EPOS Software) simplifies cash drawer balancing, aids accounting, offers insights, and enhances inventory and customer management. Embrace the POS cash register to transform your business. You can ensure the efficiency, accuracy, and growth of your laundry and dry-cleaning services. Investing in this powerful tool today can lead you to a brighter, more prosperous future!

POS Cash Register vs. POS System – What is the difference?

We’ve already discussed the basic purpose of the cash register and POS system. Now, let’s see how they differ.

A cash register is all about:

1. Manual accounting

A Cash register allows you to collect payment from customers and manually enter the prices, taxes & calculate totals.

2. Fortifying your business with safe and secure cash management

The cash register is nothing but your store reserve with a drawer that opens when you collect payment. It’ll be securely closed otherwise.

3. Helping you master your finances with smart cash tracking

You can monitor the cash flow of your business with a cash register. It helps you count incoming cash from customers and change payments to them. However, connecting a cash register with a POS system like Cleantouch EPOS is much better for mastering finances and smart tracking of cash flow.

4. Inducing harmony and efficacy for accounting

It has separate cash and coin sections for your employees to enter denominations accurately. This system is all about making cash count more organized.

On the other hand, the usefulness of POS cash register systems is celebrated as it:
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1. Empowers employees and entrepreneurs with more accessibility

Once your employees learn about how to cash up a till and how to use a till, their skills upscale, and your business functions upgrade. Your dry-cleaning business is empowered with flexibility and accessibility. The employees can operate efficiently and assist customers as they should. Thus, customer frustration reduces and long checkout queues need not be entertained anymore.

2. Streamlines inventory management

EPOS keeps real-time records of stock levels. Also, you can schedule a re-order when a certain limit is reached with stocks. It also tracks where the customer’s order is moving in process. Such micromanagement using the EPOS system is so cool!

3. Collect and view customer data

When you use Cleantouch EPOS, it becomes a treasure trove of customer data. It captures all the pinpoint information regarding customers (total number of orders placed to date, number of items per order, date of order, bill amount for each order, mode of payment used, etc.) Their profile history can be accessed for gaining useful insights into customer behavior. Especially, when you wish to run personalized marketing campaigns for loyal customers.

4. Customize marketing approach

Advance electronic POS like Cleantouch EPOS offers a customized marketing approach via SMS. This isn’t something a cash register will ever offer. You can run new marketing campaigns or retarget old customers to turn to your business again.

5. Gains valuable insights for businesses

Reporting and analytics are crucial features of a POS. It helps dry cleaners and launderers identify improvement areas, optimize stock, and strategize promotions. This also allows entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions that lead to the growth and success of their businesses.

6. Track all payment types

An EPOS system offers diverse payment options: cash, credit cards, mobile wallets, and more. Valuable data from transactions helps optimize payment choices based on customer preferences.

7. Helps with seamless POS Web-based booking integrations

The advantages of a POS go beyond physical stores. Integrating with Electronic POS Cash Register, it centralizes customer data, inventory, and sales. Also, through our web-based booking platform, the customers can book as well as track the order.

Can you link POS systems to a Cash Register?

Yes, you can easily link POS systems to cash registers. It gets convenient to manage cash payments easily alongside experiencing the data-driven benefits of the POS. Laundry and dry cleaning businesses need this technology for better management of in-house functions, employees & customers.

How to use a POS Cash Register?

Ready to Get Started with a Point-of-sale Cash Register? Let us guide you with How does a POS Cash register work!

➡️ Set Up Your Point-of-sale Cash Register

When it comes to running a smooth and efficient business, a Point of Sale (POS) cash register plays a crucial role. Setting it up correctly is the first step towards ensuring seamless transactions.

➡️ Explore the functionalities of your Point-of-sale Cash Register

Here’s how the cash register POS comes to life when handling transactions:

1. Starting a Tracking Session: At the beginning of the cashier’s shift, they need to initiate a tracking session on their POS system. During this process, the cashier will also enter the initial cash amount present in the cash drawer into the system. This tracking ensures a transparent record of all transactions.

2. Processing Cash Payments: When a customer opts to pay with cash, the cashier needs to select the “cash payment” option while ringing up the sale. With a few taps on the screen, the cash drawer automatically opens, allowing the cashier to collect the cash from the customer.

3. Counting and Placing Cash: As the cashier receives cash, they diligently count the amount and place it securely into the cash drawer. If the customer requires change, the cashier efficiently provides it. This ensures accurate cash handling, reducing any discrepancies.

4. Issuing Purchase Receipts: After the transaction is complete, the customer receives a receipt for their purchase. This receipt serves as proof of the transaction and adds a professional touch to the overall shopping experience.

➡️ Balancing the Cash Drawer

At the end of the day or the cashier’s shift, it’s essential to balance the cash drawer. Follow these steps to ensure an accurate reconciliation:

1. End the Tracking Session: The first step in balancing the cash drawer is to end the tracking session on the POS system. This action finalizes the transactions for the day, ensuring no further entries are made.

2. Count and Input Cash Amount: With the tracking session ended, the cashier proceeds to count the total amount of cash in the register. Carefully tally the cash, including any remaining change. Enter the final amount into the POS system to complete the balance.

By following these steps diligently, you can ensure that your cash register POS is efficiently set up and maintained. A well-functioning POS system can streamline your business operations, providing accurate transaction records and enhanced customer service.

The Takeaway

Upgrade your laundry and dry-cleaning services experience with Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS. If you’ve mastered the art of using a cash register, it’s time to take your dry cleaning & laundry business to the next level. Embrace the future of point-of-sale systems with Cleantouch EPOS, a cutting-edge cloud-based POS provider that caters to launderers and dry cleaners.

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How to Start a Laundry Business? (Step-by-Step Guide)

If ‘How to start a laundry business UK?’ is your question, you’re about to find an answer with this blog. To be precise, Laundry will remain in business for as long as clean clothes are in demand (like forever!). Some can afford a washer and dryer together while many can’t. Also, it is a daunting task to do laundry for commercial setups which opens the door for laundry as a business. All of this is better said than done until you know how to get things done.

Starting a Laundry Business has some crucial steps and we’ll guide you with the same.

7-Step Process on How to Start a Laundry Business

Choose the kind of laundry business you wish to start

Before you begin with this niche, you need to do a bit of research. It’s great if you’re clear with your business goals but if not, you should write things down and explore the basics of laundry as a business. For instance, you’ll need to answer to the type of laundry (commercial or domestic) business you’re willing to do. What kind of services you’ll offer? Will you grow laundry pickup & delivery service too? These are a few things to clarify before proceeding with this business.

Pick an Impactful Name & Entity for Laundry Business

There isn’t anything in the name that only Shakespeare believes. Laundry Entrepreneurship will take a good amount of effort for choosing a business name that makes an impact. It should be unique, attractive & easily memorable. At the same time, easy to pronounce and clear in its respects – people should get that you’re a laundry biz. Note down all the ideas that come to your mind, brainstorm with search engines, and seek help from your loved ones too.

Next comes choosing to legally structure the business. Starting a business isn’t enough, you’ll also have to emphasize how you’ll pay taxes, the way you’ll be organizing your business, and some associated risks, etc. This step has a lot of things – sole proprietorship, partnership, registering as a limited liability firm, and so on. It’s better to seek help from a tax professional or a business lawyer for further guidance.

Strategize your Business

To start your business, you need to write a comprehensive business plan of around 30 to 50 pages. You can use a template or create it from scratch. The plan should include a summary, business type, structure, key employees, and a market analysis showcasing demand, competitors, and target customers. Financial information, startup capital, funding options, and revenue projections should also be included.

Register your Laundry business with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

You must register your business with HMRC by going through the website or call their helpline number to register for taxes such as VAT (if applicable), National Insurance, and PAYE (Pay As You Earn) for employees. You can list as a solo trader or a Limited firm. Also, you need to register your business name and business details.

Not to mention, you’ll have to consult a business attorney for understanding licensing rules as per the state, city, or country.
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Go with the right location

After completing the initial groundwork for your laundry biz, it’s time to focus on finding a suitable location. While smaller operations can be home-based for drop-off/pickup services, commercial spaces are generally preferred. Remember that a laundry setup requires specific plumbing and water line connections, which may incur expenses. The overall startup cost will depend on various factors, with the physical space being a significant investment.

Estimate costs of utilities and equipment

Laundry Machines in UK Costs typically range from £1,000 to £5,000 or more, depending on size and features. Industrial-sized machines with larger capacities can be more expensive. Dryer costs range from £1,000 to £4,000 or more, depending on capacity and features.

List out equipment need to start a laundry business. And consider this with the space available to you. The essential equipment (depending on your business size) includes washers and dryers as basics. Additionally, you may go for any of the following, as suitable:

  • Laundry carts
  • Soap dispensers
  • Vending machines
  • Security cameras
  • Credit card payment system
  • Axcess IT Cleantouch EPOS(because, why not? You’ll need an all-rounder manager for in-house management, analysis, and daily transactions & operation processing.)

Open a business checking account

Before you open the doors for customers, here’s a final step to check. Open a business checking account to easily classify your business and personal finances. Furthermore, it’ll help in protecting personal assets in case your business undergoes any legal action. You’ll also set up a good credit score for your business this way.

Bonus: Market your laundry business as much as you can!

Setting up a laundry biz for the commercial or domestic audience is one part and marketing your business is another. You can score more clients by spreading the word online using digital marketing channels. A lot of social media platforms are here to choose from and so are the laundry marketing strategies. Alongside, SMS and Email Marketing have been irreplaceable for obvious reasons. You can target new customers and win loyal ones back with effective marketing campaigns. For instance, CleanTouch EPOS has a unique marketing feature that allows Laundry Shop owners to run monthly campaigns with exclusive offers and discounts for customers. It’s a winning strategy to attract customers without hiring a marketing team.

Get, Set, Go!

You seem all prepared with the keys to starting a laundry business successfully. We’ve shared details that fit both – domestic and commercial laundry setups. With all the initial steps implemented as desired, you’ll also need a way to streamline in-house business processing, daily transaction handling, customer retention, marketing, etc. And it is way too cool if this can be done along with accurate analytics of business using a single software – Cleantouch EPOS. Feel free to explore more on how to Grow your Laundry business & skyrocket your revenue with Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS. Get some tips and laundry business ideas that’ll add value to your startup.

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How to Cash up a Till?

Do you doubt your staff not entering customer payments? Is your laundry & dry-cleaning business looking for a surefire till solution? We got you! Keep reading to find out how you can have a third eye on your cash flow step-by-step.

Importance of Balancing a Till

Traditionally, a balanced cash register was maintained wherein the cash flow was recorded. Even if the owner is not available, staff can report the cash flow coming in & going out of the business. This seems less trusted, however. The chances for stealing are also high unless you have loyal staff. As a business owner, you cannot be available all the time for collecting or returning cash to the customers. So, the need for a digital cash register arose, and here comes the expert – EPOS Till System.

Let’s see why it is important to balance a till, especially for laundry & dry cleaners.

Simply put, balancing a till keeps you safe from losing money & ensures your staff isn’t charging high to your customers in your absence. As a result, you can retain customers’ trust & span your loyal customer base.
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How to cash up a till?

Here are a few steps that’ll help you learn how to balance a till with an EPOS.

The minimum requirement for cashing up your till is a till float. Whenever money is taken from the float and placed into the till, these are the steps to follow.

  • Know your cash on hand at the start of the day:

Get your starting amount before balancing a till. It’ll help you determine the amount available in the till & where you require adjustments. You can easily make fixes wherever any imbalance/variance prevails instead of waiting until the end of the day which could be too late. The task is simple – count the cash available on hand & write it down. That’s how your day starts.

  • Get started with larger denominations:

One easy way to count cash faster is to start with larger denominations & then work your way down. It makes it much simpler to track how much cash each drawer holds.

  • Verify each drawer against the starting amount:

As you’re done counting cash in each drawer, start comparing the amount of money available against the amount you had at the start of the day. In case it mismatch, you may be missing out on some transactions from any of the previous days to be added to yesterday’s total. Our EPOS will generate a till report which can be printed instantly at the end of the day.

For instance, if a cash/card payment is made from petty cash to the car washer & employee forgets to make an entry, the system still holds records of how much money was available. Similarly, if any payment is received and the employee tries to be smart, the system knows the truth. All the transactions are available with a till report. Even if the employee denies or forgets, the laundry business owner can verify it with the day-end report. This makes it secure for laundry entrepreneurs to have an eagle eye on what their revenue is up to.

Our EPOS system has a feature named ‘Day End’ which can be accessed with the software. Employees are supposed to make compulsory cash declaration (CCD) as the day ends. They have to enter cash available in exact denominations. Once all the required sections are filled, the system will calculate & display the total till float. Hereby, laundry and dry-cleaning businesses can keep accurate records of daily cash flow. Another feature called standard day end is also available which is very accessible when the owner managing the shops. Just click the ‘Day End’ button with the EPOS & it’ll generate a copy.

  • Learning to correct imbalances:

What if your drawer exceeds the starting amount? Maybe you haven’t taken out any transactions from yesterday’s total. It may signify any mistake during a refund or because of the items returned. One of the best ways for having balanced tills all the time is to assign this task to a specific employee. Let them handle the refund and return processing every day before you balance the till.

  • Don’t wait for the shift to end:

Many employees think they’ll deposit cash at the end of the day. This leaves room for mistakes. Instruct your employees to deposit cash throughout the day as they receive or pay.

  • Give it a physical count:

Finally, your employees should count all the cash and coins and it should be done precisely. This last part is very important for balancing a till.

Life-saver tip: In case you have multiple members operating a till, make sure they’re removed & only one person per drawer is allowed. This eliminates confusion and you know who will be responsible in case of mishap.

Kudos! You just discovered one of the best & effortless ways of cashing up a till. You also know how to cash up a till at the end of the day UK.

Manage your Money with the Most Accurate EPOS Till System

You cannot imagine a successful business without strategic financial management. should be stressful & time-consuming, said no one ever! Choosing the right EPOS system can make it easier for your laundry and dry-cleaning business. Other business tasks can be focused and you can spend time attending customers too.

Clean Touch EPOS by Axcess IT is a complete customizable software you definitely need for convenient business operations, accurate bookkeeping and accounting, reviewing inventory and sales, enhancing customer experiences, marketing, and so on. You may look further at how to use a till. It is a one-stop tool that’ll get things done. Let Axcess IT – Clean Touch EPOS manage your cash. Secure your business with our EPOS & keep achieving your business goals.
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Below are the impressive features

  • Understand customer behavior and create marketing campaigns accordingly
  • Find ‘lost tickets’ easily with the customer details or order number
  • Helps you frame price charts accurately as per the services you provide
  • Allows payment gateway integration according to user convenience & preferences
  • Makes business owners generate staff management reports that further assist in analyzing individual performance
  • Gives entrepreneurs a better take on team management
  • Engages entrepreneurs in vital business areas
  • Secure EPOS is an assurance of safety. This also means you have to spy less with CCTV.
  • You can now send billing details or print receipts to clients via Email
  • SMS on order ready
  • Can access Remotely from any corner of the world

Besides the above features, you get access to a unique feature with Clean Touch EPOS – Vein-reading security. It is the next-level biometric security feature used for high-level efficiency at your POS. Find out more on Vein Reading Security Feature here.
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