What is EPOS Systems and How does an EPOS System work?

If you want to switch to time & cost-effective business management systems then EPOS is just perfect! Not only it helps businesses be more productive but also drives sales with some resourceful insights that thrive your biz. Let us have a look at the key points for the EPOS system that’ll give you an idea of what it is. In addition, you’ll find out how to utilize EPOS Till System for your business effectively.

What do you mean by EPOS Systems?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sales. EPOS Systems indicate a set of hardware and software empowering businesses for faster, more accurate & hassle-free management. These systems have become an indivisible part of routine business operations. Thanks to the convenience it offers, it is also adapted by all niches including dry cleaning and laundry businesses.

Benefits of EPOS System

The former benefit of this Electronic Point of Sales system is to ease the lives of managers. Owners & staff. Here are the benefits you avail with them:

  • Efficient Inventory Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Seamless Business Integrations
  • Time & Cost Efficiency
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Mobility of Access
  • Increases Customer Loyalty
  • Hassle-free Inventory Management
  • Contactless Payments

No matter what type of business you manage, an EPOS system in the UK is a life-saver. It makes you a modern entrepreneur who manages the backend smartly for a better outcome. According to some statistics, EPOS brings you closer to that 73% of business analytics data that could have been lost otherwise.

In other words, the nitty-gritty of EPOS ensures you have an eye on every detail of your business. It brings all the vital information to your fingertips so that you don’t miss out on making big decisions. This system brings valuable insights before you for smart business management.
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How does an EPOS system work?

The traditional till system is the major inspiration of EPOS. Its configuration is simple too – your POS hardware is linked with POS software and they form a system together. This system is a setup that records your transactions, takes payment & shares sales analytics.

However, your EPOS is more capable than the traditional till system. It utilizes your POS data for collecting user information, creating advanced business reports, and integrates with accounting too.

In addition, it comes with an inbuilt loyalty system that focuses on how to increase customer loyalty for your business.

Simply said, it has everything you would have asked for in effortless management of business via EPOS. EPOS Systems help manage day-to-day tasks beyond processing transactions by accurate inventory management with real-time reports.

EPOS System for Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services: A Case Study

Ronny & his father had a small laundry business in Manchester, UK. They recognized that their niche has more competition & they should improve with garment care services & customer care services. Also, they need some way to span their customer outreach beyond walk-ins. Just like any long-term entrepreneur, Ronny was willing for new revenue streams for his business. He wanted to study customer behavior closely & noticed two major changes:

  • Tech-enabled delivery service
  • Customer Loyalty

The competition is high and figuring out such improvement areas requires immediate action. Ronny didn’t want to spend tens of thousands of pounds on this. He installed Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS with impressive features like:

  • Order collection
  • Credit card integration
  • Garment tracker
  • Accounting management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Secure EPOS
  • Staff management reports
  • Customer loyalty program

As stated above, his concern was to adapt tech-enabled delivery service and boost customer loyalty. Both of these goals were achieved with this EPOS. Besides this, he is now able to manage his laundry business across devices. Thanks to Axcess IT, Ronny got a powerful tool that improved his day-to-day efficiency. He had reports handy whenever required and he got the moves too. It got so much easier for him to retain customers, get feedback & provide better laundry & linen services.

A quarter later, he witnessed impressive growth in business processing. His revenue sky-rocked to thousands of pounds with numerous new customers. Also, they were able to retain customers through CRM & bring back dead customers through marketing campaigns. He is now busy setting new goals and making strategies in achieving them.

How to get started with Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS?

It is one of the smartest EPOS to run for your dry cleaning & laundry business. Whether you want to automate business operations for a single store, multiple chains of shops, or a large setup, it has you covered. Besides updating you with inventory, business operations, and staff, it handles order updates to be sent to customers. All essential information is accessible & responded to in real-time. The best part is it makes remote business management possible by logging in to the system via any device from anywhere in the world.

Why don’t you try the smarter way of managing dry cleaning & laundry services?

If you think EPOS can be a transformational move for your business then don’t think too much. Contact Axcess IT for Cleantouch EPOS today!
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