Ideal for stores receiving under 50 Orders a week.


Ideal for stores receiving under 100 Orders a week.


Ideal for stores receiving over 100 Orders a week.

What is Dry Cleaning EPOS Systems?

Axcess IT has developed a state-of-the-art Dry Cleaning EPOS System that allows dry cleaners to manage their entire store from top to bottom. Everything from booking in orders, tracking orders, processing payments, managing account customers, staff management, expense management, Invoicing & Statements, staff clock-ins, marketing, security, collection & Delivery to SMS & Email, and much more.

Axcess believes a Dry Cleaning Till System should not only be an electronic ticket book, but the system should also give the owner more control and transparency of the business, in comparison to what they had before the Epos system.

Axcess Epos system for dry cleaning will help a dry cleaner/launderer increase profits if the marketing features are used correctly. Using segmented SMS marketing and voucher campaigns can help increase customer visits to your store.

Dry Cleaning EPOS Systems Benefits

The system reduces the amount of work required to run the store, whether it’s writing up tickets or manually running around to ensure that orders are ready before the set date of collection. It allows the owner to manage and optimise which orders they need to process/clean first. Facilities like the item tracker will ensure the orders are ready on time increasing customer satisfaction.

Improving customer experience in the dry cleaners/launderers is part of the objective of the Axcess Dry Cleaning Epos system. Features like item tracker to ensure the customer orders are ready on time, SMS notifications when the order is ready, or E-Tickets, will improve the customer experience and will keep them coming back to the store.

Before the Axcess Epos System, managing account or contract customers was a strenuous task for dry cleaners. The use of customer pricing per account, agent module, and one-click solution for invoicing & statements has made managing account/contract customers effortless.

Collection and deliveries are becoming popular traits within the dry cleaning/laundry world. Axcess has discovered that, if not done correctly, collection & delivery can incur huge losses for a business. The Axcess Epos System Collection & Delivery modules allow businesses to set up regular or ad-hoc visits for customers, take automatic card payments via the system, and print driver manifest. The Axcess Dry Cleaning delivery app has also been connected to the collection & Delivery module to eradicate the paperwork and ensure the correct orders are delivered.

Axcess Epos Systems Explained

Discover how Axcess Dry Cleaning Epos Systems can help you grow your business.

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