How To Use a Till

How To Use a Till?

Tills are welcomed with arms open by dry cleaning and laundry businesses. This blog is all about how you can use EPOS Till System for smart order processing, CRM & more.

We’ll start with the basics first & then explore how till system works.

What is a till?

In simple words, you can relate till to a cash register. It is the heart and soul of the business. Besides collecting payments, tills are something you can plan your business around. Thanks to advancements in technology, traditional tills are now known as EPOS tills (Electronic Point of Sales). Modern tills allow businesses to reach new heights besides taking payments. They’re allowing businesses to handle the admin side with bite-size information, manage staff, do stock management, and more smoothly &  effectively.

What was impossible for traditional till to do instantly is now accessible via EPOS tills. Moreover, if you’re into dry cleaning and laundry services then EPOS is a major helping hand. Learning how to employ this modernized system at your disposal can lead to major time saving and a big move to upscale your business.

How does a till work?

An EPOS till system is a combination of hardware and software. As stated above, a traditional till is a cash register. Taking it further and modernizing the same, EPOS till is attached to a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode reader, and card reader. They’re linked with some hardware for automated payment processing, inventory and sales reports, and other essentials in one place only.
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How to use a till in a shop?

Technology is a promising way to get your things done smartly. But it still seems a daunting task for many. In case you’re using a till system and willing to continue with the same then this blog will make you reconsider your decision. Well, we’re here with the simplest way to use an EPOS till in your shop. This instance is all about EPOS for laundry and dry-cleaning services. Most EPOS work in a similar fashion though.

Step – 1: Power ON your System

Find a good place for your system with a nearby power source. For instance, a countertop with an electrical socket built on the floor is an ideal space to operate from. Plug in the system, turn the power ON and you’re all set to operate an EPOS. Meanwhile, your system must be accessible to the internet for processing online payments. (just in case any customer insists).

Step – 2: Configuration

Our Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS is one of the best till systems for dry cleaning and laundry business. Once your system is powered on, the till has everything ready to operate. The till is customized according to your latest price chart and has a list of the types of linen, outfits, towels, bedsheets, etc for legit access. When a customer order is received, all you have to do is select the type of laundry & pricing will reflect accordingly. Billing and order processing is faster, hassle-free & error-free too.

In case you want a management report then it can be accomplished in minutes. Look up the ‘System’ on your screen, and go to ‘Reports’ & different types of reports will be visible. Click on the respective report you want to generate at the moment. Not only this but also each report can be filtered further. Select the kind of data you’re looking for at the moment & it’ll be displayed in a fraction of a second. Be it a financial report, sales report, item tracking, staff, or anything else, our till tracks everything for you.

So, how is this list configured? We, at Axcess IT, customize and configure the till as per the client’s needs. A data file is created in which the client shares the service details, price list & reverts. We then upload this data file with the latest running services & prices in your till. Tada! Your till is ready with everything you want handy.

Step – 3: Calculating the Cost

Use Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS for calculating the individual billing cost of the customer. Enter customer details, order details & prices will be assigned to the items received. The automated calculation will give the final amount to be paid by the customer. Not only does our EPOS help with current bill processing but allows you to view the order history of the same customer.

For instance, if you want to see how many orders are received from a particular customer then here is how you check it.

Go to ‘Sales’ from the Menu at the top, select ‘Reports’ & enter ‘Mobile Number or  Customer name’. Select ‘Order History’ and you’ll be viewing all the past orders with the date and other order details.

Step – 4: Payment Collection

Payment Collection - epos till

Depending on the type of payments you have with your till the payment options will appear. Thanks to EPOS, you can even accept online payments, card payments, contactless payments, or even payments via mobile apps. In case the customer makes payments then the cash drawer will open so that your money is secure.

Step – 5: Print/Email the Receipt

Print-Email the Receipt - axcess-it epos system

Most businesses insist on providing receipts to customers. You, too, can provide a payment receipt to your customer with a paper bill or email the same. Different receipt options are available with our EPOS till. Select the one you want to proceed with & you’re done.
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The Best Till System for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business

By the time you’re here, you already know how a till works and how you can use the same. But it is also important to choose the right EPOS for your business that is customized according to your requirements. Axcess IT helps you choose the perfect tools and insights to allow your laundry and dry cleaning business to thrive.

We design an EPOS till for dry cleaning & laundry businesses such that it benefits you in the way it should. Here are a few of the many benefits of Cleantouch EPOS:

✔️ Understand customer behavior and create marketing campaigns accordingly

✔️ Makes ‘lost tickets’ easily accessible with just an order number/customer details

✔️ Allows you to frame accurate price charts according to your services

✔️ Integrate payment gateways as per your convenience & user preferences

✔️ Generate staff management reports for analyzing individual performance

✔️ Curate strategies for better team management

✔️ Lets you focus on business areas that matter

✔️ Keeps your EPOS secure so that you don’t have to eye on CCTV 24*7

✔️ Email as well as print receipt options for billing details

✔️ SMS on order ready

✔️ Remote access from any corner of the world

Get your EPOS till with the industry’s leading firm. Cleantouch EPOS is not just a modern till, but an experience that’ll become a part of your business. We’re just a call away. Feel free to connect via WhatsApp or Call.

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