Dry Cleaning Factory System Launch – Cleanermatix

At Axcess IT, innovation is an occurrence on a daily basis – we are always looking at opportunities to improve our systems or developing new ways of doing things. The release of the Cleanermatix shows just that – the system enables the factory to book the work in, manage washing and processing, and then assembles the work on a conveyor or our flatwork system using Sortexx Bins or manual sorting bins. This design enables the user to manage the dispatch by route or by customer and allows them to create invoices if required.

The first Cleanermatix was installed at The Dry-Cleaning Business based in Wembley who currently hold a variety of hotel guest and staff contracts and is the main processing centre for Laundrapp UK within the London region. The Cleanermatix has been integrated with Laundrapp servers allowing a smoother process from the moment the garment is picked up from the customer right up until the order is delivered.

We have modular systems at Axcess which allow you, as the business, to have much more flexibility when initially investing in the Cleanermatix. if you do have any queries or would just like to learn more about the system, then please get in contact with our team.