What is an Epos Till System and How does an Epos System Benefit a Store?

EPOS till system is becoming an integral part of laundry biz & how! In case you’re still managing laundry services manually then EPOS till systems can make you more empowered & efficient. Switching to EPOS Software could be the best decision you would make for your laundry business.

In this blog, we’ll be digging into the nitty-gritty about EPOS Till Systems. Also, we’ll share where you can get Customized EPOS till system at affordable rates.

What is the EPOS till system?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale system.

It is nothing but a combination of POS hardware & software that sums up to EPOS till system. The software will be employed at dry cleaning & laundry retail business outlets in an accessible form. This software will help owners manage laundry orders more efficiently. It eases order processing, checkout & inventory management smoothly. EPOS Till Systems share a detailed analysis report every month for a precise review of sales & more.

Believe it or not, EPOS is a better replacement for POS/cash register/ticket books. It has made laundry & dry cleaning functions more accessible for employees. Therefore, it ensures that laundry processing is convenient and efficient just as it should be. It seems more like a gift of technology. Business owners can access the entire system anytime & anywhere on the go.

What are the benefits of EPOS?

Here are the benefits of the EPOS till system. Well, you only understand its importance & usefulness until you install one for your laundry outlet.

Marketing: The EPOS system allows you to record customer behavior, regarding what they purchase and when is the last time they visited your store. This information can be used to facilitate Marketing Campaigns to increase turnover for your business. Whether it be a voucher campaign, loyalty point systems, or Direct SMS Marketing, the EPOS System has you covered.

Lost Tickets: Losing your ticket could be the worst nightmare for those managing them manually/traditionally. As you know, tickets are very important for a laundry system. If lost, you have to spend hours searching for them. Here is when you need EPOS till system for efficient handling of tickets. This software will let you know the availability of stock, to whom it belongs & where you can get it. Simply enter the customer name/details in the EPOS system & you’ll be displayed with their order number. Ticket found!

Pricing: Pricing your services is a crucial part. EPOS systems allow you to quote your services accurately. If you are pricing your services well, you can benefit accordingly. For instance, keeping up with pricing updates in the laundry sector and applying the same to your outlets respectively would help you benefit differently. Moreover, you can maintain transparent pricing with your customers without any second thoughts.

Credit Card Integration: This is an inevitable function for busy cleaners. You’ll have all the records beforehand during billing so that you know who owes you what. EPOS system tracks cash flowing in with automatic billing. You can manage auto-billing for credit card transactions which means you don’t have to collect any amounts from the customer during delivery. This saves you an insane amount of processing time.

Staff Management Reports: EPOS works like a third eye that keeps a watch on how your business is thriving. It analyzes consumer behavior with the business precisely. This allows you to analyze overall business performance and curate strategies for improvements whenever required.

Security: Axcess IT believes that a system should be able to pick up on any suspicious activity without you being present or without you going through hours on CCTV. Axcess Systems are built to pick up on any suspicious activity, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other aspects of the business.

Managing Account Payments: For your on-account clients, the Axcess system allows you to generate invoices for all account clients with the click of one button; it will either automatically send out the invoices to the customer via email or print out the invoice on an A4 Printer (depending on their preference). The accounting feature also allows you to take payments, send statements and write off stock.

How to use EPOS till systems?

EPOS functions are similar to your traditional POS system. This means you don’t need any special training for using EPOS till systems. Also, Touchscreen EPOS System offers more convenience for access. However, EPOS has add-on features over traditional POS systems.

An EPOS is designed according to user-specific requirements. Hence, it is more customized and shortcuts are available for easier access. As compared to its predecessors, it has advanced specifications like modes of payment, etc. These are some of the functions that are directly synced with the internal database.

Booking in: Axcess iPos System will allow you to efficiently book Cleaning & Alteration orders in a comprehensive way, enabling you to capture important details required per order via text, color, and picture. The ‘Axcess iPos Booking in Screen’ keyboard can be customized however you see fit. The customer can have their ticket printed or emailed to them, eradicating the issue of losing tickets and offering a greener option.

Garment tracker:  The Garment Tracker allows you to keep a record of the location and status of each order, allowing you to dispatch orders that will be processed off-site per supplier, and track items back into the system when the orders are ready to be railed. This feature also allows you to manage your workload and enables you to prioritize your workload based on delivery date.

Collecting Orders: The Axcess iPos System allows you to process collections in various ways, ranging from scanning the customer’s ticket or entering the customer’s name to find their order. The system allows you to carry out partial collections and allows customers to collect multiple orders in one transaction. In regards to customers who have forgotten to collect their orders, the Automated SMS Messaging system is able to remind them after a set period of time.
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How do EPOS machines work?

The working mechanism of an EPOS machine is equivalent to traditional POS systems.

For instance, your POS software and hardware are synced & a system is created for recording all the sales transactions. Your POS system usually performs tasks like generating advanced business reports, integrating accounting, collecting user data, having an inbuilt loyalty system, etc.

On the other hand, an EPOS has all the features provided by POS & more. Your EPOS will have a customized report facility and it has data stored & accessed via the cloud. This falls as a bonus for busy managers who aren’t available at the outlet all the time. They can access any desired report anytime & from anywhere.

EPOS is available in distinct forms & your laundry business can choose to access it via any suitable device. It can be installed with Touchscreen devices like smartphones & synced with hardware like printers, scanners, cash drawers, card readers, etc. You don’t necessarily have to install a computer during checkout. Even your tablet can do the job. That’s smart!

Let us take you through how our EPOS machines work…

  • We have our web-based app developed for dry cleaners and Laundry in which the dry cleaners customers can log in, select the items & book the order of their clothes.
  • They can also store their card details and select the collection delivery date.
  • Once they have booked the order, the Dry cleaning store will be notified through our EPOS System in the shop for whichever delivery and collection date is set.
  • After that, the customer visit (i.e. customer details) will appear on the delivery driver collection sheet or the driver app.
  • Accordingly, the delivery driver will go to the customer’s house and collect the garment and deliver it back after dry cleaning.
  • This web-based app is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.

How can Axcess IT – CleanTouch EPOS system help me run my business?

Axcess IT – CleanTouch EPOS system is for all those budding entrepreneurs associated with the laundry & dry cleaning business. Our systems are successfully installed & easing the lives of well-set laundry businesses already. We aim at minimizing efforts & utilizing work hours with optimum productivity. As you spend less time with manual processing, you can invest interest in business areas that require undivided attention.

Here are a few of the many reasons that make you want EPOS Till System as soon as possible:

  • Most sophisticated software & easy to use
  • Fully customized software as per client requirements
  • Most advanced features
  • Fully secured
  • Technical support

Besides this, our CleanTouch EPOS offers benefits like:

  • Ease of Use with minimum training required
  • Customization as per your work environment
  • Affordable pricing with custom payment plans
  • Strong backup of the technical support team
  • On-site configuration & training via experienced staff

Words are not always enough. And so, we would rather let you experience our technical wonder practically. Unleash the power of technology with smartly developed software. See your excess burden of laundry management fading away in no time. Our EPOS system Till UK is a big hit for a reason…

Why don’t you give us a call now?! Our experts are here to get you sorted with the best-in-class EPOS solution for your dry cleaning & laundry business.

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