RFID Linen Tracking System

Automating your Laundry Business Operations using an RFID Linen Tracking System can be your smartest move. Without any manual operations, you can track your entire laundry management at the touch of a button. This latest Linen System with RFID technology is virtually error-free, streamlined & provides optimal customer satisfaction.

What is RFID Tracking?

As a launderer, if you haven’t implemented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in your daily business operations yet, you’re surely missing out. RFID tracking technology uses invisible fields to find and follow special tags on objects. These tags hold information that machines can read. These machines (RFID Equipment) can be held in your hand or put on walls. Even soft things like sheets and pillows can have these tags.

Why is this helpful? Well, it’s better than old ways like scanning barcodes or doing things by hand. With RFID, you can track lots of things at once, even from far away. And you don’t need to see the tag directly, like you do with barcodes.

How does RFID Linen Tracking Technology work?

RFID Laundry Tracking System is a blessing for sure! It eases daily business operations at the core and ends up making the entire system more functional and efficient.

  • Tagging Items: Uniforms, linens, and garments are equipped with RFID tags. These tags are attached using methods like heat sealing, stitching, or embedding. The purpose is to give each item a unique ID using RFID technology.
  • Establishing Reading Points: During various business operations, RFID handheld devices or fixed readers track the movement of these tagged items. For instance, handheld devices can scan items in a room to create an inventory list, while fixed readers can scan bins of inventory going in and out of the laundry.
  • Collecting Data: Through data collection, we gain insights into item utilization. We can quickly identify if items are not returned when sent out, and during inventory checks, we can spot differences like matched, missing, extra, or misplaced items.


Laundry tracking using RFID offers substantial savings in labour and linen replacement costs. Many laundries are adopting UHF-RFID technology to enhance control and cut expenses. Early implementations have demonstrated its effectiveness. UHF-RFID tracking systems efficiently and accurately identify and track large quantities of items, processing laundry items much faster and with 99% greater accuracy than other methods.

These are the former benefits, to mention a few, with Commercial Laundry Software like Laundry and Management Systems (LAMS).

  • Reduces the possibility for loss which lowers the cost of inventory replacement too
  • RFID Laundry Tags offer hassle-free in-house operations & customer-tracking
  • Increases productivity of employees
  • Eliminates the need for manual entries
  • Maximizes customer satisfaction

Empowers businesses with a smart and efficient Laundry Management System.


Preventing Linen Loss in Laundry Operations

Your linens are most vulnerable to loss when they go to the laundry. Axcess LAMS offers solutions to help you avoid this.

  • RFID Tracking: We commonly attach RFID chips to linen items. With our LAMS RFID Laundry Systems software and strategically placed scanners, you can monitor the movement of linen between your property and the laundry.
  • Labour Savings: Say goodbye to manually counting linen in and out. This frees up your attendants’ time for more productive tasks, such as stock-taking.
  • Loss Prevention: Hold your laundry accountable for any missing items and charge them accordingly.
  • Effective Budgeting: With RFID-chipped inventory, you gain visibility into the true stock levels of each item. This helps you buy what you need, eliminating guesswork in budgeting.
  • Automated Scanning: Automate linen scanning at your property for maximum efficiency. If your laundry also uses LAMS RFID tracking technology, they can scan and track the linen within their facility.
  • Simplified Stock Takes: Linen counts during circulation become effortless with RFID Technology and handheld RFID readers.

Experience a laundry management transformation with LAMS’s cutting-edge RFID technology. Our software offers precise linen and uniform tracking, optimizing inventory control, boosting efficiency, elevating quality checks, and enhancing customer service. Embrace RFID’s potential to streamline your laundry operations and boost your business’s performance. Contact us now at the 0208-986- 9119 or email us at [email protected] for detailed information about our products and services!

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