Axcess IT Integrates with Metalprogetti To Create Comprehensive Dry Cleaning Management System


Axcess IT has recently travelled to Italy to visit the Metalprogetti headquarters, where testing was underway for an exciting new innovation.

The Metalprogetti team were testing the integration between their existing automatic assembly conveyor and Axcess IT’s own dry cleaning factory management system. Here’s how it went.

The automatic assembly conveyor

One of the biggest problems facing businesses in the laundry industry is identifying garments before returning them. With garments undergoing various treatments, it’s natural that they may become mixed up, causing problems when customers come to collect their items.

Metalprogetti’s automated assembly conveyor offers a simple solution, identifying each and every garment and reassembling orders effortlessly. Thanks to this solution, staff don’t need to spend time picking out garments, and customers are guaranteed to be handed the right items in rapid time.

How Axcess IT integrates

Our dry-cleaning factory management system, Cleanermatix, automates many of the processes associated with laundry services, including booking in the work, managing the treatment and assembling the work on the conveyor (like Metalprogetti’s system). Cleanermatix, our system, takes care of the logistical side of things, with everything from sorting to invoices taken care of. The Metalprogetti solution handles the physical side of things, identifying the garments and ensuring they are treated correctly before being bagged. The items are then held until all of the garments in a client’s order are ready. When all of the garments have been cleaned, they are grouped together and extracted into a batch, ready to be returned to the customer.

By using the two systems together, we can now provide a complete dry cleaning factory management solution for the entire market, with a multitude of benefits for business owners and customers alike. The factory is more efficient overall, with less time taken to book, treat, process and identify each garment. Thanks to the automation element, less staff are required, which means laundry businesses can make enormous savings and this also cuts out the risk of human error.

How did it go?

The integration between the two systems went so well that were already installing the solution at an existing client’s premises in London. We’ll be checking in with the client regularly to gauge how well the solution meets their needs, and we’re sure a number of our other clients will be very quick to have this exciting new system installed.

What’s next for Metalprogetti and Axcess IT?

The future looks bright for this exciting collaboration. The integration of these two solutions is paving the way for a 24-hour kiosk system, where customers can drop off and collect their clothes at any time of the day.

The prospect of a 24-hour kiosk system would be an exciting addition to our existing market offerings, fitting in with the busy lifestyles of modern professionals in this day and age. As our lives get more hectic, consumers demand the ability to access services and products 24/7 and our kiosk system would certainly cater to this growing need.

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