Axcess IT Cleantouch – Custom Point of Sale (POS) Software

Elevate your business with a one-of-a-kind EPOS solution tailored to your unique needs. Cleantouch POS offers a specialized Custom POS System that stands out from the rest. We provide a cost effective customized POS solution that ensures your business receives the perfect fit.

Businesses also possess the characteristics that set them apart. Recognizing this, we deliver complete point-of-sale solutions that align precisely with your business requirements. With a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, our POS System has established itself as a proficient software for laundry & Dry cleaning businesses. It’s a great pleasure to have an efficient point-of-sale system encompassing Laundry & Dry-cleaning industries. Cleantouch POS possesses the expertise necessary to provide your business with a tailored Custom POS Solution. Additionally, the team is capable of constructing custom applications that cater to the evolving needs of your business.

Embrace the opportunity to harness Cleantouch EPOS’s existing platform and create a top-tier POS software system for your business.

Why Axcess IT Cleantouch POS Stands Out: Unveiling the Distinctiveness of our Custom POS Solutions!

Cleantouch POS emerges as a beacon of uniqueness, offering a distinct approach that makes it unique. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Cleantouch Custom POS Solution stand out:

1. Unmatched Flexibility

Our POS takes flexibility to a new level. Not only it caters to your business needs but also integrates seamlessly with other programs or systems you rely on. This ensures that you can operate your business in a way that feels most comfortable and aligned with your workflows.

2. Accommodates all Launderers

From bustling launderers to dry-cleaning startups, it accommodates all types and sizes of laundry businesses. Tell us your requirements and we’ll design a personalized solution that perfectly suits your business operations.

3. Crafted to Your Specifications

Cleantouch is the perfect instance that every laundry business has its own unique identity and requirements. That’s why our POS systems are tailor-made for each business. By recognizing the specific needs of your niche, we can provide substantial cost savings for our customers.

4. Limitless Customization Possibilities

Whether you require minimal customization or a complete standalone program, Cleantouch Custom POS Software is the one. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of customization needs:

  • Third-party integrations

  • Posting sales information to external databases or files

  • Generate custom reports

  • Advanced reports for a bigger picture – big data analytics

  • Barcode scanning

  • Crafting unique processing rules for orders and inventory management

  • Creating bespoke checkout experiences

  • Credit card payments

  • Refunded and voided payments

  • Implementing a dedicated Order Tracking System

  • Email receipts

  • Garment tracking

  • Lost-ticket help

  • Built-in marketing feature

  • Automatic alerts

  • Scheduling reports

  • New feature development

  • Automated invoicing

  • Collection & delivery customization

5. Consultation for the Unforeseen

Don’t hesitate to ask us for any features that offer stability and keep your management sane. We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and find a suitable solution. It’s beyond POS transactions when you choose us. Our Sales/Technical Support team is here to answer your questions and address your concerns as you embark on this transformative journey. Meanwhile, you can check how to use a till for your reference.

Gift a Customized Operational Excellence to your Laundry Business!

Your quest for the ideal POS system concludes here! We understand the distinct requirements of launderers. This extends our commitment towards best-of-breed, budget-friendly solutions that go basics. We provide comprehensive point-of-sale solutions that perfectly fit your business.

Step forward and witness why countless customers trust Cleantouch EPOS for their business needs. Our tailored POS systems are designed to seamlessly align with your enterprise, empowering you to achieve operational excellence. Contact us today to experience the transformative capabilities of our customized solutions for POS.

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Embark on a new journey with Cleantouch EPOS by AxcessIT. We provide comprehensive point-of-sale solutions supported by round-the-clock assistance. Take the plunge and give us a call today. Join the ranks of countless satisfied launderers who’ve witnessed our unwavering commitment to their POS needs. Your business deserves the best – let’s make it happen together!

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Axcess IT – Cleantouch: The Future Smart POS Systems for Dry Cleaners & Launderers

In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping up with the latest technologies is crucial for success. According to recent stats, 85% of small businesses are investing in modern technologies to boost their efficiency. And one tool that stands out is the smart POS system.

Gone are the days of manual management and the need for extra manpower. With a smart POS like Cleantouch, you can seamlessly handle inventory, payments, customers, and employees. It automates these critical tasks with 100% efficiency, saving your time and effort.

The beauty of our smart point of sale system lies in its ability to integrate various business operations into one user-friendly software. Say goodbye to the complexity and welcome streamlined operations. Dive deep into the world of smart POS software for better insights and a thriving business.

What is Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS?

Cleantouch EPOS by Axcess IT is an innovative and comprehensive Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system designed to enhance daily business operations for laundry & dry-cleaning businesses. It is a product of Axcess IT, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions.

This EPOS system offers a wide range of features and functionalities, making it a powerful tool for small and large launderers. From letting new laundry businesses streamline operations to facilitating multi-store management for giants, Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS caters to diverse business needs.

Key features of the Cleantouch EPOS system

  1. Inventory Control: Keep track of stock levels, monitor item movement, and receive alerts for low stock. This helps in optimizing inventory and avoiding stockouts.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Build strong customer relationships by capturing customer information, tracking purchase history, and implementing loyalty programs.
  3. Reporting and Analytics: Access real-time insights into sales, stock, and performance through detailed reports and analytics. Make data-driven decisions for business growth.
  4. Effective Marketing: With Cleantouch EPOS, it is feasible to implement advertisement campaigns for more walk-ins. Also, this marketing approach can be customized according to the user data available with the POS terminals.
  5. Employee Management: Manage staff roles, do performance tracking, track working hours, and assign tasks efficiently with the EPOS system.
  6. Customization: Axcess IT – Cleantouch is fully customized EPOS as per client requirements. You will get exactly that suits your business.
  7. Lost tickets: Losing laundry tickets can be a nightmare. Say goodbye to manual hassles with the EPOS till system. Easily track stock, ownership, and pickup locations by entering customer details. Ticket found, worries gone!
  8. Credit Card Integration: Stay stress-free with the smart POS machine. It tracks billing records in advance, managing auto-billing for credit cards. No need to collect payments on delivery, saving you time and hassle as a busy cleaner.
  9. Security: With Axcess IT, detect suspicious activity effortlessly. Our advanced systems work tirelessly, allowing you to focus on your business without constant monitoring. Stay secure, stay focused.
  10. Garment Tracker: Effortlessly track and manage garment orders with the Garment Tracker. Dispatch, process, and prioritize tasks based on delivery dates. Stay in control and organized with ease.
  11. Email Updates: We save customer relationships and the environment together with timely updates via email. With Cleantouch EPOS, you can send invoices, receipts, customer tickets, statements, and delivery notes, and run marketing campaigns through email.

Overall, Cleantouch electronic POS is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize in-house operations, boost efficiency, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Embrace Success with Cleantouch Smart POS

In the dynamic world of restaurants and retail, the smart point-of-sale system is your ultimate ally. Stay competitive by automating business operations, freeing up time to focus on other critical functions. Let Cleantouch be your key to success! You can get started with our POS system for small businesses or large, it is for one and all laundry and dry-cleaning businesses.


What is a Smart POS system?

The Smart POS system blends traditional point-of-sale functions with technology. It streamlines business operations like sales, payments, reporting, and customer interactions.

How does a Smart POS work?

This technology harmoniously blends hardware (touchscreen terminal or tablet) with software, ensuring seamless transactions. Manage inventory, payments, and reports effortlessly. And enjoy bonus features like loyalty programs, staff management, garment tracking, credit card integrations, etc.

Is there any way to access Smart POS offline?

Some might offer offline access while others don’t. For better accessibility, it is important to have an internet connection live while using the EPOS system. Otherwise, storing, retrieving, and synchronizing information might be interrupted.

Which businesses can benefit from a Smart POS system?

With Smart POS, laundry and dry-cleaning businesses, cobblers, key cutters, etc are a great benefit. It is still useful for other small and large businesses though!

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A Guide to the POS Cash Register Systems

Before we discuss the POS Cash register in this blog, let’s have a recap of the history of the cash register.

Mankind’s retail journey with bartering began 10,000 years ago. The introduction of currency marked a turning point, leading to the invention of the cash register in 1879. It was indeed a revolutionizing move for the industry. The 1980s brought POS systems, streamlining transactions, inventory management, and providing sales insights. We can say it was an era when bartering started transitioning to POS at this point.

Today, cash registers and POS systems work hand in hand, optimizing business operations and enhancing customer experiences. With technology constantly evolving, the future of dry cleaners and launderers hold even more exciting possibilities. POS is shaping the way we shop and do business. Tradition and innovation merge with this technology, thus creating a seamless shopping experience in our daily lives.

What is a POS Cash Register System?

A Point-of-sale (POS) Cash Register is all about enhancing the efficiency of businesses. It combines the power of point-of-sale software with cash register hardware, thus streamlining payments and optimizing operations.

Cash Register POS systems securely track and stores cash with separate compartments for denominations. It processes transactions, accepts various payments, and gathers vital business data. Integrating both tools allow easy cash acceptance and management. POS software (like our EPOS Software) simplifies cash drawer balancing, aids accounting, offers insights, and enhances inventory and customer management. Embrace the POS cash register to transform your business. You can ensure the efficiency, accuracy, and growth of your laundry and dry-cleaning services. Investing in this powerful tool today can lead you to a brighter, more prosperous future!

POS Cash Register vs. POS System – What is the difference?

We’ve already discussed the basic purpose of the cash register and POS system. Now, let’s see how they differ.

A cash register is all about:

1. Manual accounting

A Cash register allows you to collect payment from customers and manually enter the prices, taxes & calculate totals.

2. Fortifying your business with safe and secure cash management

The cash register is nothing but your store reserve with a drawer that opens when you collect payment. It’ll be securely closed otherwise.

3. Helping you master your finances with smart cash tracking

You can monitor the cash flow of your business with a cash register. It helps you count incoming cash from customers and change payments to them. However, connecting a cash register with a POS system like Cleantouch EPOS is much better for mastering finances and smart tracking of cash flow.

4. Inducing harmony and efficacy for accounting

It has separate cash and coin sections for your employees to enter denominations accurately. This system is all about making cash count more organized.

On the other hand, the usefulness of POS cash register systems is celebrated as it:
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1. Empowers employees and entrepreneurs with more accessibility

Once your employees learn about how to cash up a till and how to use a till, their skills upscale, and your business functions upgrade. Your dry-cleaning business is empowered with flexibility and accessibility. The employees can operate efficiently and assist customers as they should. Thus, customer frustration reduces and long checkout queues need not be entertained anymore.

2. Streamlines inventory management

EPOS keeps real-time records of stock levels. Also, you can schedule a re-order when a certain limit is reached with stocks. It also tracks where the customer’s order is moving in process. Such micromanagement using the EPOS system is so cool!

3. Collect and view customer data

When you use Cleantouch EPOS, it becomes a treasure trove of customer data. It captures all the pinpoint information regarding customers (total number of orders placed to date, number of items per order, date of order, bill amount for each order, mode of payment used, etc.) Their profile history can be accessed for gaining useful insights into customer behavior. Especially, when you wish to run personalized marketing campaigns for loyal customers.

4. Customize marketing approach

Advance electronic POS like Cleantouch EPOS offers a customized marketing approach via SMS. This isn’t something a cash register will ever offer. You can run new marketing campaigns or retarget old customers to turn to your business again.

5. Gains valuable insights for businesses

Reporting and analytics are crucial features of a POS. It helps dry cleaners and launderers identify improvement areas, optimize stock, and strategize promotions. This also allows entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions that lead to the growth and success of their businesses.

6. Track all payment types

An EPOS system offers diverse payment options: cash, credit cards, mobile wallets, and more. Valuable data from transactions helps optimize payment choices based on customer preferences.

7. Helps with seamless POS Web-based booking integrations

The advantages of a POS go beyond physical stores. Integrating with Electronic POS Cash Register, it centralizes customer data, inventory, and sales. Also, through our web-based booking platform, the customers can book as well as track the order.

Can you link POS systems to a Cash Register?

Yes, you can easily link POS systems to cash registers. It gets convenient to manage cash payments easily alongside experiencing the data-driven benefits of the POS. Laundry and dry cleaning businesses need this technology for better management of in-house functions, employees & customers.

How to use a POS Cash Register?

Ready to Get Started with a Point-of-sale Cash Register? Let us guide you with How does a POS Cash register work!

➡️ Set Up Your Point-of-sale Cash Register

When it comes to running a smooth and efficient business, a Point of Sale (POS) cash register plays a crucial role. Setting it up correctly is the first step towards ensuring seamless transactions.

➡️ Explore the functionalities of your Point-of-sale Cash Register

Here’s how the cash register POS comes to life when handling transactions:

1. Starting a Tracking Session: At the beginning of the cashier’s shift, they need to initiate a tracking session on their POS system. During this process, the cashier will also enter the initial cash amount present in the cash drawer into the system. This tracking ensures a transparent record of all transactions.

2. Processing Cash Payments: When a customer opts to pay with cash, the cashier needs to select the “cash payment” option while ringing up the sale. With a few taps on the screen, the cash drawer automatically opens, allowing the cashier to collect the cash from the customer.

3. Counting and Placing Cash: As the cashier receives cash, they diligently count the amount and place it securely into the cash drawer. If the customer requires change, the cashier efficiently provides it. This ensures accurate cash handling, reducing any discrepancies.

4. Issuing Purchase Receipts: After the transaction is complete, the customer receives a receipt for their purchase. This receipt serves as proof of the transaction and adds a professional touch to the overall shopping experience.

➡️ Balancing the Cash Drawer

At the end of the day or the cashier’s shift, it’s essential to balance the cash drawer. Follow these steps to ensure an accurate reconciliation:

1. End the Tracking Session: The first step in balancing the cash drawer is to end the tracking session on the POS system. This action finalizes the transactions for the day, ensuring no further entries are made.

2. Count and Input Cash Amount: With the tracking session ended, the cashier proceeds to count the total amount of cash in the register. Carefully tally the cash, including any remaining change. Enter the final amount into the POS system to complete the balance.

By following these steps diligently, you can ensure that your cash register POS is efficiently set up and maintained. A well-functioning POS system can streamline your business operations, providing accurate transaction records and enhanced customer service.

The Takeaway

Upgrade your laundry and dry-cleaning services experience with Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS. If you’ve mastered the art of using a cash register, it’s time to take your dry cleaning & laundry business to the next level. Embrace the future of point-of-sale systems with Cleantouch EPOS, a cutting-edge cloud-based POS provider that caters to launderers and dry cleaners.

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