What is Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and its Advantages

What is Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and its Advantages?

Optimizing business functions with an Electronic Point of Sale system is obvious these days. And why not! After all, you’ll like your routine business activities to be more efficient, and less time-consuming & sales bars grow higher. This is what an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) has to offer.

Transitioning from traditional to technology is a demand of time too. With this said, let us take you through the basics as well as the benefits of an EPOS Till System.

What does EPOS stand for?

EPOS is nothing but an Electronic Point of Sale System utilized for allowing customers to make payments for goods or services more conveniently. On the other hand, it becomes legit for businesses to manage business activities effortlessly & enhance customer experiences.

This gift of technology is extremely helpful for dry cleaners, laundry businesses, and anyone existing as a vendor. Moreover, it can be implemented by any niche.

It is brilliantly capturing essential data on sales and products. This data is then utilized for sales reports and other business decisions. You can be in any corner of the world and still be able to track, monitor & handle the performance of your business securely. As the system doesn’t require any prior knowledge or training to operate, anyone can get their hands on EPOS and use it successfully. Just a few things to learn about & you’re all set to use your EPOS.

Before you make any assumptions, let us share that it is not just another till system. EPOS Software is way too smarter & has better functionality, reporting, user-friendly & all things good.

Smart Things an EPOS System does for you…

Modern EPOS is crafted considering the drawbacks of traditional POS systems. In addition, they’re bridging the gap between what a POS system does & how businesses can make the process more efficient.

An EPOS consists of:

  • Touch screen computer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Software for operating the EPOS

You can get this set up in varied configurations, shapes & sizes. An EPOS management system comes with two key elements – hardware and software. In the first case, hardware is set up according to the requirements of your POS. So, the accessories and everything concerning the same can vary from business to business. Secondly, the software is customized according to business requirements. A well-tailored, fast & efficient EPOS management software works exactly how you want to record sales, generate reports, SMS/Email notifications for marketing campaigns and handle similar backend business activities.

An entrepreneur can expect EPOS to do something par executing payments, inventory management & recordkeeping. The urbane EPOS is capable of many more things that optimize business management and brew customer satisfaction too.

In a nutshell, EPOS directs a business toward growth. That’s all that matters!

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Advantages of Electronic Point of Sale

  • Track sales precisely
  • Gives accurate information on what is being sold more over everything else (filtered reports)
  • Helps reduce queues with the help of integrated barcode scanners
  • Speedy transactions made possible with integrated card payment setups
  • Fewer possibilities of errors during transactions
  • Keep track of your inventory & be alarmed of stock levels beforehand
  • Unbelievably sharp real-time reporting with comprehensive details
  • Make better business decisions
  • Centralized configuration eases management
  • A fool-proof system that suits businesses even if they span in future
  • Retains customers with Loyalty Program
  • Works for both – businesses (improves the efficiency of handling business) and customers (improves customer experiences)
  • Scoring higher profit margins become possible
  • Able to keep customers’ records and book in orders efficiently
  • Manage collection & deliveries, ensuring a smooth process to the customer’s door.
  • Order tracker facility would ensure customers’ orders are ready on time
  • Manage staff working hours  and payment reports
  • Ensure your store is protected from in-house theft
  • Use the analysis reports to make more calculated business decisions
  • Increase the turnover of your business with the use of marketing tools.

Final Thoughts

Customers are likely expecting more from businesses. Also, you would like to thrive in your business growth and outgrow the competition. No matter if you’re a manufacturer or retailer, investment in an EPOS will be worth it. It is time to move on to this future-proof system that manages all essential business tasks securely.

Get your business a well-groomed & powerful EPOS with cutting-edge technology from us. You’ll swear by the user-friendliness, brilliant features & everything you’ve ever imagined an EPOS to do for you!

Axcess IT – Clean Touch EPOS software is everything your Dry Cleaning & Laundry business needs right now! Get set for efficient business management effortlessly. The software will do it all.

Shoot us an Email or call on customer support and our team will reach out soon.

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