How to Grow a Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service Business

Laundry delivery service doesn’t sound new, right? Most laundry businesses now offer free or chargeable collection & delivery services. Some businesses are still unaware that it can be the biggest turning point for them to grow their revenue. The nominal charges for hiring delivery drivers can drive great revenue for your business. In case you’re wondering what to let us explain. Also, we’ll see how modern Clean Touch EPOS can be a game changer for laundry & dry-cleaning services.

Market Your Services & Team up with Other Local Businesses

Targeting specific customer groups is one of the best ways to grow your business. Rather than just targeting your usual domestic/retail customers, it may be worth trying to contact hotels, restaurants, gyms, salons, and other businesses which would require a laundry service business to clean their items on a regular basis.

Through promotional efforts, you should also be aware of where your target audience would see your ads. As online marketing is preferred more, you can spread the word with social media marketing, share positive customer reviews, and run sponsored ads. Secondly, you can distribute flyers and implement laundry marketing strategies for local promotions. The more your visibility is, the more you’ll be approached. Let traditional and modern promotions run side by side to get your phones ringing.

Besides this, make sure your social media accounts are well-managed with attractive content. We’re living in an era where customers check your social media profiles before approaching even laundry services. You’ll make a positive impression with everything up to the mark.

Pinpoint Organization

Unlike previous times when laundry businesses were managed with manual recordkeeping, we’ve progressed a lot. Nowadays, EPOS systems are the latest & smartest recordkeepers you’ll ever have. Not only your laundry pickup and delivery business will be streamlined, but you’ll also be automating dozens of crucial tasks for effortless management.

Let us share a few awesome features of how EPOS systems work.

Customers can log in via a web-based app and select the number of items & book orders. They can add payment details and choose a collection date too. As the booking is confirmed, the dry-cleaning store will be notified via the EPOS system in the store. According to the specified laundry pickup and delivery dates, a customer visit will be scheduled. The same details will be displayed on the delivery driver collection sheet. The delivery driver will visit the customer’s location, collect items & deliver them to the specified address after dry cleaning.

The key is to stay organized with your in-house operations. Organizing reduces stress, improves business functions & helps you deliver quality services to customers. 
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Regular Collection & Delivery

Consistency is the key to growing a laundry business. With this said, when you get an order for pickup and delivery, make sure it is lined up for the delivery driver. Laundry businesses that offer customized collection and delivery schedules are often preferred over those that don’t. Similarly, being there for collection and delivery will create a professional impression, just as it should.

Laundry pickup and delivery service are managed effortlessly with EPOS. Clean Touch EPOS runs according to customer preferences. It gives free hands to customers for selecting collection and delivery dates. Customers think that your business is giving special attention to their orders. Here you win!

Retarget Nonactive Customers

Don’t let your laundry business weep for losing customers! It could be painful for most laundry services when their regular customers don’t return. Axcess IT Clean Touch EPOS can be helpful here for finding out customers who haven’t placed any orders in the recent past. You can get their metrics, send exclusive offers via SMS, and do your part for attracting those loyal customers again.

Needless to say, winning back old customers seems more beneficial than hunting only for new customers. You have all the customer details by your side already. Moreover, you know their preferences and as they have experienced your services, you can tell them they’re being missed. This could be the cheapest way to grow your laundry services.

Management Reports

The metrics page with Clean Touch EPOS allows you to see order performances, revenue, and so on. But when you’re willing to grow your pickup and delivery services, go to top-selling items & filter by delivery contribution. This section will display the most popular items for pickup and delivery. Smart marketing teams utilize this data for structuring promotional campaigns. The logic is simple – you should focus on what the customers need and your revenue will increase.

Furthermore, you can also filter popular orders according to walk-in customers and customers who place orders via the web-based EPOS app. In short, exploring some key areas with Axcess IT Clean Touch EPOS software can help you grow your laundry business with the least effort.

Laundry on demand

Managing a laundry business can be very time-consuming. Businesses thus start outsourcing major tasks. Starting a laundry business could be a great idea initially but it can take great effort to manage it & grow your revenue. Growing a laundry business demands attention and knowledge of the right tools to make it hassle-free. Thus, the concept of laundry-on-demand is one of the coolest ways to provide services to your customers without having them visit your location.
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Is Laundry Business in demand?

The laundry business was in demand, and it is & would always be demanded. People with the hustle-bustle of daily life need someone who can take their headaches for laundry care. This opened opportunities for laundry businesses – both commercial and homely.

Is there any technical support team available to troubleshoot customer queries?

Yes, Our technical support team will be available to assist you with your queries from 7 am – 5.30 pm.

Who are the popular users of laundry businesses?

No wonder it is a commercial setup or home, everyone needs someone to take care of their laundry. Over the top, people traveling more often need laundry care the most. Secondly, working professionals and students are regular customers because they have a shortage of time for laundry & dry cleaning.