The laundry Management systems allows you to monitor and record the work coming into your laundry via RFID, Barcoding or counting unlabelled items.


The production management systems takes control of the operation from the moment the sorters sort the linen all the way till packing.


Commercial Laundry Software is a fully automated business intelligence platform that is designed to ease commercial laundry business operations. It automates everything from getting orders to sorting laundry, delivering orders, and everything in between.

You can take it as a brilliant makeover of a traditional laundry management system to a more advanced & modernized approach that optimizes commercial laundry operations. Your staff no longer needs to take care of tedious tasks because this software will do the rest.

This ultra-modern gift of technology aims at providing maximum efficiency besides reducing operational costs. As a result, your commercial laundry management system experiences a major shift from average to optimum gains.


1. All-in-one software

You don’t need different software for each task. This high-end commercial laundry system ensures everything is managed legit with one software only. No matter what you want to get done, it’s here to do it in a jiffy.

2. Saves time, money & efforts

The overall operational performance of your commercial laundry business thrives like anything. LAMS is capable enough to do the job of many employees alone which makes you save time, money & extra effort.

3. Enhances in-house operations

Productivity and efficiency make a whole lot of difference for any business. For commercial laundry, error-free operations are a must & LAMS ensures you make the most out of in-house operations.

4. Reliable & secure

Ditch traditional recordkeeping with this advanced business intelligence platform that stores data on secured servers. The level of reliability is something you have been waiting for.

5. Accurate Live Reporting Anytime-Anywhere

Want to know what your business is up to? Generate reports, get current analytics & live updates anytime-anywhere right on your smartphone. Keep an eye on daily laundry operations and focus on crucial business areas side by side.

6. Backed by 24*7 Customer Support

Did you just get a new team member on board? Do you need someone to help with LAMS? Our highly supportive staff is just a call away. Feel free to ask for support whenever required.


Operate Commercial Laundry Business Remotely

How cool it is to have a laundry management system that can program machines remotely! All you need is LAMS for checking the current status of customers, try & test new pricing strategies, and getting order updates. Commercial laundry business management gets simplified.

Access Real-time Revenue Reports

LAMS is a high-end software that allows you to track the success of your promotional pricing initiatives. Whether you want hourly, daily, or weekly statistics, it’ll get you handy in minutes. Entrepreneurs may use this data for smart business decisions effortlessly.

Optimize Overall Laundry Experience

We promise you’ve never experienced something like our LAMS which excellently manages the entire operations from sorting/counting to invoicing. It was solely developed to create an efficient workspace for staff with higher efficiency. User interaction and usability are at the core of the features developed for LAMS.


RFID Solution for Laundry is something you’ve been waiting for. LAMS ensures that commercial laundry businesses experience the latest technology that reduces efforts & makes the best use of working hours. Here are its impressive features that never disappoint:

  • Total stock availability
  • Precise counter of wash cycles
  • Reduces manual sorting process
  • Controls productivity for washing, ironing, and so on
  • Automates inventories in each phase of wash and clean
  • Smartly controls entry & exit of clothes from customers
  • Reduces loss and theft of garments
  • Accurate, reliable & live updates regarding the laundry process


The advantages of RFID technology in Laundries are incredible. You’ll become a fan as soon as you employ LAMS and start experiencing its benefits. Here are a few benefits that’ll make you want commercial laundry software right now!

  • Gripping control of all the laundry processes
  • Time, money & manpower savings
  • Improves efficiency of laundry operations
  • Eliminates chances of errors
  • Ensures zero unknown loss & thefts
  • No loss/theft ensures reducing of disputes with customers
  • Increases customer satisfaction & knowledge of laundry services
  • Makes linen inventory management legit in the real sense
  • Helps predict the service life of Linen
  • Automates Reports & Analytics


Commercial Laundry is far different than domestic laundry. It demands full control over what’s going on with customer orders and needs prompt answers to what is the current status of inventory. How long it’ll take to process orders, and so on. Needless to say, competition is everywhere and efficiency is something that’ll set you apart.

LAMS use the RFID technology that automates almost all the crucial daily operations for your laundry business. It ensures a reduction in manual labour, savings in time and cost, and maximum efficiency of assets. This commercial laundry management system allows you to look at the big picture with the help of filtered analytics and acute laundry operations. Besides handling routine laundry services, you can smartly work on thriving the commercial laundry business.

Thanks to RFID technology, laundry items are identified and sorted professionally just like they’re supposed to be. It attaches microchips to the laundry items for their unique identification throughout the wash and clean processes. Thus, efficiency improves, loss and theft eliminate & profitability increases.

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