How to Make your Dry Cleaners/Laundries Secure from In-House Theft

Axcess IT believe that a system should be able to pick up on any suspicious activity without you being present or without you going through hours of CCTV. Axcess Systems are built to pick up on any suspicious activity, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other aspects of the business. Below, we have touched on a few of the features of the Axcess Systems which can help you.

Compulsive Cash Declaration

The system has been built to keep the accuracy of your till to the penny. The Compulsory Cash Declaration feature allows you to compare the totals of the system to what is actually in your till. The feature also allows you to maintain control over your takings without you being present in the shop.

Email Notifications

The Email Notification feature is a great tool for you as a dry cleaner, allowing you to keep on top of your business. It will alert you of any changes to an order, staff trends and any suspicious behaviour. This enables you to be aware of any problems in your business.

Stock Take

Our Stock Take module allows you to verify your current stock with the help of the system. This can also highlight any discrepancies with your stock, due to wrongful tracking or updating of orders. The Stock Take procedure has been made very user-friendly, allowing your staff to carry out stock takes on a weekly basis without you being present.

Staff Accounts

Each member of staff is given their own account to access the system and each account is limited to whatever access and rights you, as owner, decide to give. Staff can log in via password, fingerprint or finger vein and password prompts can be activated whenever using the system, in case you have multiple staff working in the shop at one time. The Axcess Systems allow you to keep a record of which member of staff served which customer, in the instance of investigating any complaints.