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What is a POS Terminal & How does it work?

Whether you’re using a traditional or modern point-of-sale terminal, we’re all relying on this system for managing businesses. From the supermarket to dry cleaning and laundry businesses to local retailers, everyone has a POS installed. Thanks to technology, this system is consistently evolving and you may be called old-fashioned if you don’t have an EPOS.

We’re specifically referring to dry cleaning and laundry biz that must have an EPOS for obvious reasons. Just like any other niche, this industry has modernized in every possible way and the growth is still in progress. By the time you want your business to thrive, having a powerful POS can make a whole lot of difference. Especially, when you own a laundry and dry cleaning business in the UK, you should never settle for less. Let us go through the basics and see the difference you can make with modern EPOS till.

What is a POS Terminal?

As the term suggests, a POS terminal is nothing but hardware linked with software that enables processing orders and payments. Traditionally, cash registers were used as POS while modern POS includes a smartphone with plugged-in card readers. Similarly, countertop terminals with barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers are classic examples of modern POS.

No wonder modern POS is getting advanced and they can be accessed via smartphones and tablets too. Well, it all comes down to the budget and convenience of your business. Talking about dry cleaning and laundry services, these businesses mostly prefer a countertop EPOS that is smart and efficient. EPOS till the software is enough to carry out major business functions without leaving the desk. It allows different useful data to be accessed by the counter staff and manager. EPOS Software allows you to thrive your business just the way you want & without stressing on core business operations.

Needless to say, EPOS is an advanced POS which is an electronic POS with better accessibility and features your business craves.

Key Highlights

  • A POS Terminal is hardware linked with software that allows transaction processing alongside making other business operations smooth.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services can benefit a lot from modern point-of-sale terminals. It allows them to process orders, track customer history, access analytics, and reports, manage staff data, and more in one place.
  • Top Dry Cleaners & Laundry Businesses are gracefully switching to EPOS Tills for smart business management.
  • Getting an EPOS installed can save you tons of effort & mind everything without losing focus.
  • EPOS is the best thing you can get for your business.

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How does Point-of-Sale Terminal Work?

This entire system consists of hardware and software. Hardware includes a computer, a card reader, a cash drawer, and a printer for receipts.

We’ll look closer at the Point-of-Sale Terminal with an example of dry cleaning and laundry business. For instance, you own a laundry business and have POS installed for processing customer requests. As soon as a walk-in customer arrives, you enter their basic details i.e. contact information in the system, number of laundry items to clean i.e. your order, and accept payment for the order. You accept different modes of payment i.e. online payment, credit/debit card payment, and cash. For cash, you have a cash drawer. For credit/debit card payments, you have a magnetic card reader. And for online payment, you have different internet payment gateway options. Once the transaction is complete, the terminal will print the receipt or mail the same to the customer’s Email ID. In other words, an order confirmation receipt will be sent to the customer for further reference.

Apart from this, you get advanced filters to view customer orders by date, number of customers by day, month, or year, and more. This is to be mentioned as a few, you’ll find more efficiency with the EPOS.

Now you know how a POS works. The POS Terminal Machine is utilized for processing transactions. When you’re using an EPOS Till system, the same POS Terminals for Sale is capable enough for displaying analytics and other essential data to entrepreneurs.

How is the POS Terminal system integrated?

As mentioned above, this system is a combination of hardware and software that is used during checkout. The billing counter has POS installed where payments are made and invoice is generated. Let us share the hardware and software components involved.

Hardware components

pos terminal

Hardware is used for completing payments and sending receipts.

  • POS Barcode Scanner
  • POS Touchscreen Display
  • POS Receipt Printer
  • POS Cash Drawer
  • POS Computer

Features of Software 

The software makes POS productive and beneficial besides processing payments. Its major features are as below:

  • Sales
  • Quick Drop
  • Telephone Validation
  • Collect
  • Basic Collect & Deliver Module
  • Item Tracker
  • Workload Management
  • SMS Customer Notifications
  • Review Orders
  • Day End
  • Shift Management
  • Expense Management
  • Invoicing & Account Management
  • Staff Security
  • Staff Clockwork
  • Staff Holiday and Absence
  • Staff Targets
  • Management Alerts
  • Stock Take Module
  • Customer Service
  • Price Matrix
  • Royalty Card Module
  • Disclaimer
  • Agency Module
  • SMS& Email
  • Outsourcing Cleaning / Alterations
  • Sundry Goods Management
  • Automatic Stock Re-Ordering & Task Scheduler
  • Report Scheduler
  • Automatic Backup (USB+ FTP)
  • Customized Ticket & Stub
  • Garment Imaging
  • E-Mail Tickets & Receipts

These features will just get you started. There is more to expect with a smart EPOS by Axcess IT.
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Benefits of POS Terminal

  • Improve customer experience
  • Generate reports
  • Smooth in-store operations
  • Data analytics and management
  • Track and manage items
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Process payments securely
  • Prevent frauds
  • Speedy billing and checkout
  • Integrated hardware and software solutions

There are more benefits to reap with EPOS Till Systems. If you own a laundry business in the UK then our EPOS can make it easy for you to manage day-to-day business operations as well as analytics simplified. Selecting the right POS for your laundry and dry cleaning business can make you sail smoothly. In case you want to upgrade your take on POS then our EPOS is a must-have.

Give it a try and you’ll never be back to the old-school POS again. That’s a promise!
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