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What is POS Data?

Laundry and dry-cleaning Businesses are experiencing a digital transformation in the ever-evolving market. This shift involves the adoption of Point of Sale or POS systems, replacing traditional cash registers. These advanced systems bring efficiency, convenience, and data-rich opportunities to laundry and dry-cleaning establishments, much like they do for other businesses. Let’s explore how these businesses are leveraging technology for enhanced customer service and growth.

In this article, we’ll explore What is POS Data, POS Data types, and more.

What is POS Data?

POS data comprises information gathered during customer sales transactions, whether in-store, online, or via mobile apps. For Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses, this data includes product transactions, inventory details, customer insights, and staff performance. Utilizing this data can significantly enhance decision-making within these establishments.

Following a customer’s payment, each POS system accumulates substantial volumes of unprocessed transactional data. Differing from payment data, which only reveals the amount and timing of purchases, Point of sale data provides a more comprehensive view. This rich data source allows Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses to understand customer order patterns and efficiently manage their services, in-house stock & marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Customer POS data is efficiently utilized for business analytics, growth & other operations crucial for thriving Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses.

Types of POS Data

1. Payment Token Data

POS data doesn’t collect personal info about individual customers for security reasons. However, it does gather data like payment card type and the last four digits of the card during a transaction. Although it never records full card details, this info can help create a non-unique payment token. Laundry and Dry-cleaning Businesses can use this token to recognize returning customers, their purchases, and payment methods, with about 97% accuracy.

2. Customer POS Data

Customer data consists of the information derived from a loyalty card. When a customer decides to enroll in a loyalty program and scans their card during a transaction, it provides you with comprehensive POS data. Notably, unlike payment token data, this kind of data is directly associated with the individual customer.

3. Location Data

POS data can reveal the sale location, going beyond just the country. You can access detailed information about customer orders, including their region, town, specific outlet, and even the individual POS checkout.

4. Promotion Data & Coupon Data

Promotion data offers insights into the effectiveness of your in-store promotions. It shows if a customer is using a promotion and which specific one they’ve chosen. This helps Laundry and Dry-cleaning Businesses gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, understand customer preferences, and identify which products benefit most from promotions.

Customer coupon behavior reveals important data. Your Smart POS system tracks coupon details like source, popularity, and customer usage. It also helps measure coupon impact on repeat visits and purchase sizes, often compared to a control group for accuracy.

5. POS Staff Data

Whenever a store associate utilizes your POS software to complete a sale, that sale gets linked to their user profile. This feature is particularly beneficial for store managers as it allows them to monitor the sales performance of their teams, ensuring that every team member is actively contributing towards achieving the store’s sales targets. Staff Clock In and clock Out is also included in the reports. Such POS Reports are crucial in designing future business goals.

Why Launderers should analyze POS data?

These days, POS data providers deal with large amounts of information collected via POS terminals. This aids in drilling down individual customer’s data to determine Point of Sale Market Size. Being in the Laundry business, you should access this data smartly as it serves as a major untapped resource. When gathered properly and analyzed well, it unlocks a great value. It tells you all the minute details about your customers, thus leading to better personalized experiences.

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