How To Do a Stock Take

How To Do a Stock Take

This read will discuss the basics of stocktaking & how stocktake can help your laundry and dry-cleaning business. You’ll also learn how to do a stock take in the most efficient way possible.

What is a stock take?

Stock take is more like recordkeeping. You count & record the availability of stock at your end. It is important to update your stock accounting at frequent intervals to keep aligned with the stock status.

How does stocktaking help?

  • Shows the current status of cash held up in stock
  • Allows you to maintain cash flow
  • You get to know when your stock needs re-order/replace

The bonus benefit of stocktaking for Commercial Laundry Services is they can prevent staff from misusing cash. Cash payments received from customers must be updated with the EPOS system mandatorily.

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Stock vs. Inventory

By referring to stocktaking here, you may be confused if they mean inventory or what! Though these terms are synonymous, they’re different. Stock is mostly referred to as the products you’re selling as your daily business operations. Inventory refers to the items you’re making, storing, or selling your stock.

How often you should do stocktaking?

Do it at least once a year. Alternatively, you may do it quarterly, monthly, or weekly at your convenience. Whatever timeline you choose, make sure you’re doing it with reporting perspective. Stocktaking helps you with all the details of the orders, inventory & the way your staff is handling cash flow.

Find details like orders pending to be collected by customers and the number of customers who haven’t paid or collected their orders. It even helps to identify loopholes like payment collected from the customer but pending to be updated with the till.

The advantages of stock-taking are beyond your imagination. By doing it regularly, you can benefit your laundry and dry-cleaning business in numerous ways.

Importance of Stock-taking

1) Staff cannot mess about with the cash

Some of your staff members may take cash from the customers and don’t make entries (intentionally or unintentionally) in your system. If you’re conscious enough about regular stocktaking, you know every detail regarding cash flow. You can thus identify any missing entries.

2) Improves cash flow

Stocktaking helps you with the current status of orders left to be collected or paid by the customers. Customers can be further informed to collect their orders or pay the pending amounts respectively.

3) Prepaid Customer

With stocktaking, you have the benefit of order & payment status of customers. If they’ve prepaid cash and the order is pending to be collected then customers can be informed regarding the same.

4) Customized Reports

As an entrepreneur, you should have an eye on reports as and when necessary. Stocktake reports are crucial for dry cleaners to see the number of customer orders arrived, are under process, and are about to be collected. Also, customer details like account number and contact information are legit so they can be called to get their order paid & collected.

How to do a stock take with Clean Touch EPOS?

Below are a few steps that will explain How to mark items as ready.

Step 1. Scan the barcode below to put the scanner into inventory mode

Step 2. Scan all the orders in the shop

Step 3. Go to the system, navigate to System> Utilities > Stock Take, and Scan the Barcode Below

Step 4. Scan the barcode below to transmit all records

Step 5. When all the barcodes have been transferred you will hear a beep. Wait for a few minutes to ensure all barcodes have been transferred and then select ‘UPDATE’.

The system will update barcodes and print out the stock take Exception Report.

A Report will show up on the screen, navigate to the top bar and select ‘PRINT’ then select ‘OK’, and then select the printer you want to use if you want to print it out on the A4 Printer, select the name of the printer for example ‘Dell b1120 Laserjet’ if you want to save it as a PDF Document on your computer, don’t select the A4 Printer, select CutePDF Writer’ and then save the doc.

Step 6.  If everything has updated then Scan the barcode below to clear all records stored in the scanner

Step 7. Scan the barcode below to put the scanner back into normal scanning mode.

Level up your Stock-taking with Cleantouch EPOS

Every business has to identify its best way for stocktaking. Here is how laundry and dry-cleaning services can upscale their stock-taking.

  • Upgrade to Barcode Scanner

Manual counts seem legit when you’re a small startup. As your business grows, it should be fledged with the latest technologies that minimize efforts and chances of errors. A little mistake in recording stocks correctly can cause you that last-minute mess you cannot afford. Thus, have a barcode scanner installed that records hundreds of incoming inventories in no time.

  • Keep the Shop/Factory Clean

You own a laundry and dry-cleaning business. So, you cannot afford to keep the premises untidy. Disorganized and messy surroundings make an unpleasant impression on your customers. It also increases mistakes on your end.

  • Always use the best software

From the moment you wake up till you sleep, you’re using technology. So, why keep your laundry and dry-cleaning business away? Use the latest Cleantouch EPOS software exclusively designed for inventory, staff & customer management. It is a powerful combination of hardware and software that automates everything with the highest accuracy. Manage your business smartly by investing in the right software. Would you not like to manage everything with single software?

Avoid errors and manage your stock with Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS. This is to be said a few. There is more to gift your business with our EPOS. Drop your inquiries now! We are ready to assist.

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