Axcess IT Launch Vein-Reading Security Feature

2Here at Axcess IT, were always looking to innovate and make use of the very latest technology. That’s why we have added an exciting new security feature to our system a fingerprint and vein-reader. The system will provide heightened security for all protected systems, ensuring that only the right staff members can excess certain areas and functions.

In the past, we’ve used simple fingerprint readers in order to ensure that staff were not accessing parts of the system that were off-limits. But we found that our users were facing problems with this solution. Working in a laundry means hands can get dusty and dirty occasionally, and this was preventing staff members from being able to log in at certain points.

Vain mapping is far more accurate than simple fingerprint reading, which solves the problem of staff members being unable to login because of dirt and dust on their fingertips.

What are the benefits of this?

First of all, biometric systems are essential in this day and age. Conventional passwords simply aren’t secure enough anyone can look over an employee’s shoulder and learn their password if it’s not robust and complex enough. That’s why we introduced biometric systems in the first place to reduce the risk of staff members taking advantage and learning each other’s passwords.

The new vein-scanning development helps take that security one step further. There’s no chance that a staff member could use another employee’s account, which can help with security issues as well as customer service.

For example, if a customer has put in a complaint about a certain order or treatment, the manager will be able to pinpoint exactly who was logged in at that time, and who completed the process. This can also be printed at the bottom of the customer’s ticket or receipt, so there can be no arguments or disagreements about who served the complainant.

This creates a more efficient in-house service, where staff members are held to account if their work is not up to scratch. Under the past systems, staff members may have been able to get away with poor performance or customer service, but this advanced new module ensures that they’ll be held responsible and must provide the highest standards of service at all times.

Zakariya Ahmed, Director of Sales at Axcess IT, says, System security is essential for many of our clients and were very pleased to have launched this exciting new upgrade for our biometric scanning module. At Axcess IT, were always looking for new ways in which we can improve and move forwards, and this technologically advanced solution is just one of the updates weve been working on in recent months. Some of our clients are already using their new vein-reading software, and it’s going down well at their locations across the country!

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Axcess IT Launch Dynamic New Website

As you’ve probably noticed while reading our blog, Axcess IT has launched an eye-catching, dynamic new website that signals our intentions to move forwards as a business.

Our business is growing by the day, and the team recently came to a decision that our old website needed a revamp on every level. We needed to update the look and feel of the website, and ensure it offered seamless, simple functionality for all visitors.

Zakariya Ahmed, Sales Director of Axcess IT, says, Were thrilled to launch our brilliant new website, which has been a long time in the making. We recognised the need to upgrade our old site in favour of something more stylish, functional and modern and were very happy with the results. From the content and the images to the layout and design, everything is completely new and aligned with the direction our fast-growing business is heading. We love it!

Navigation was one of the key things we focused on. We wanted potential customers to be able to find their way around our site with ease, accessing the information they need about our systems and services. We have revamped all of the content on our website, describing our systems in greater detail and providing information on every feature and function of our offerings. All images that are up on the website were taken by our own staff, at shops where our systems were installed, to provide visitors with an accurate picture of what they might look like when they are up and running.

Testimonials have also been added to the site, so that potential customers can see how our services and systems have helped our existing clients to build efficient, profitable businesses of their own.

It’s taken around a year for the team to come up with the general idea for the site, as well as outsourcing the work to web design and development experts. It’s been a real challenge, revamping the website as well as running our fast-growing business. Developing is still ongoing based on feedback from our visitors were always looking to improve and make sure our site is the very best it can be for potential customers.

Going forward, we will be updating the site regularly with all of the latest news from the business, our clients and the market in general. We have some exciting developments to share with our readers soon about a collaboration with German firm ThermoTex look out for that on our blog!

In the meantime, please feel free to explore our fantastic new website and get a feel for the new layout. If you think we’ve missed anything out, or would like to suggest a feature that you think other visitors would find useful, get in touch with our team today  we’d love to hear from you!


Axcess IT Integrates with Metalprogetti To Create Comprehensive Dry Cleaning Management System


Axcess IT has recently travelled to Italy to visit the Metalprogetti headquarters, where testing was underway for an exciting new innovation.

The Metalprogetti team were testing the integration between their existing automatic assembly conveyor and Axcess IT’s own dry cleaning factory management system. Here’s how it went.

The automatic assembly conveyor

One of the biggest problems facing businesses in the laundry industry is identifying garments before returning them. With garments undergoing various treatments, it’s natural that they may become mixed up, causing problems when customers come to collect their items.

Metalprogetti’s automated assembly conveyor offers a simple solution, identifying each and every garment and reassembling orders effortlessly. Thanks to this solution, staff don’t need to spend time picking out garments, and customers are guaranteed to be handed the right items in rapid time.

How Axcess IT integrates

Our dry-cleaning factory management system, Cleanermatix, automates many of the processes associated with laundry services, including booking in the work, managing the treatment and assembling the work on the conveyor (like Metalprogetti’s system). Cleanermatix, our system, takes care of the logistical side of things, with everything from sorting to invoices taken care of. The Metalprogetti solution handles the physical side of things, identifying the garments and ensuring they are treated correctly before being bagged. The items are then held until all of the garments in a client’s order are ready. When all of the garments have been cleaned, they are grouped together and extracted into a batch, ready to be returned to the customer.

By using the two systems together, we can now provide a complete dry cleaning factory management solution for the entire market, with a multitude of benefits for business owners and customers alike. The factory is more efficient overall, with less time taken to book, treat, process and identify each garment. Thanks to the automation element, less staff are required, which means laundry businesses can make enormous savings and this also cuts out the risk of human error.

How did it go?

The integration between the two systems went so well that were already installing the solution at an existing client’s premises in London. We’ll be checking in with the client regularly to gauge how well the solution meets their needs, and we’re sure a number of our other clients will be very quick to have this exciting new system installed.

What’s next for Metalprogetti and Axcess IT?

The future looks bright for this exciting collaboration. The integration of these two solutions is paving the way for a 24-hour kiosk system, where customers can drop off and collect their clothes at any time of the day.

The prospect of a 24-hour kiosk system would be an exciting addition to our existing market offerings, fitting in with the busy lifestyles of modern professionals in this day and age. As our lives get more hectic, consumers demand the ability to access services and products 24/7 and our kiosk system would certainly cater to this growing need.

Need more information about our dry-cleaning factory management service? Check out the website:

ThermoTex and Axcess IT Announce Exciting New Integrations

As part of an exciting collaboration with ThermoTex, the team here at Axcess IT are thrilled to announce a number of new system integrations which will provide better solutions for our clients and their customers.

We recently met with Tex ID director, TabishAiman, to discuss the integration of a number of our products with ThermoTex’s own systems. The results have been excellent some of them are already in use by our customers, and some of them will launch in the coming weeks. Here’s a little more about the developments we’ve made.

Thermo-Ident 1 & 2

We worked with ThermoTex to integrate out systems with their Thermo-Ident innovations. The Thermo-Ident systems are designed for temporary and permanent marking of garments using a thermal transfer printing process.

We integrated them with our EPOS system and our LAMS (laundry and management) system, offering a multitude of benefits for our customers. Commissioning and handling is now faster and more efficient, while printing, cutting, and heat-sealing can be carried out in the shortest time possible. The system requires little maintenance and is due to go live at one of our customer’s factories very soon.

RFID Systems

The RFID Cage Readers and Table-Top Readers provided by ThermoTex have also been integrated with our systems. This offers fully-automatic identification of different textiles, contactless reading, as well as single reading, stack reading, and bulk reading. Some of our current customers are already using this new innovation, and we’ve had great feedback on it!

Automated Laundry Sorting System SorTexx

Lastly, we’ve managed to integrate our systems with OUT-Sortexx, a laundry sorting system that optimizes working processes. When the garments are ready, staff scan the barcodes which communicate with the ThermoTex sorting cages. A small light at the top of a specific slot is then activated, so the member of staff knows where to put the item. If it’s placed in the wrong cage, an alarm is triggered.

The benefits of this are clear to see. There’s less risk of human error among staff, and they are able to go about their business more efficiently, without making mistakes. The reduced number of lost or misplaced items will also boost the company’s reputation, and there’ll be no need to splash out to replace items on behalf of customers.

How will these integrations help?

These integrations will help our clients develop more efficient working processes, leveraging the very latest technology to offer better services to their own customers. Managers will benefit from less stress, and fewer items will go missing, which means companies will be able to develop a better reputation for quality and high standards.

Our work with ThermoTex is certainly not over. We’re currently working on developing an assisted sorting conveyor system for hanging garments, to make life easier for all laundry businesses.

TabishAiman, Tex ID director, says, TexID, as ThermoTex Nagel’s distributor for RFID and Barcoding solutions, needs to work very closely with ePOS/LMS Integrators to achieve an effective solution. We are proud to include Axcess IT as one of our premier resellers who we fully support with technical back up.  Axcess IT’s wealth of experience, working with a broad spectrum of Clients from single unit Dry Cleaners to large Industrial Scale Laundries, provides a significant level of tacit knowledge and expertise to our team.Having already completed our first few projects together we look forward to a long and beneficial collaboration.


Axcess IT Enjoy Spectacular Success At This Year’s LCT CleanEx Show

Earlier this year, the team here at Axcess IT was thrilled to attend the 2016 LCT CleanEx Show  the UK’s only exhibition dedicated to laundry, dry cleaning and textile care for the third time running. Over two action-packed days in April, we attended the event at the prestigious Royal Ascot Racecourse, where we met dry cleaners from all over the country, from big commercial laundries to small, family-run businesses.

Launched back in 2012 and taking place every two years, the LCT CleanEx Show attracts visitors from all over the world. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses within the sector to compare everything from industrial washing machines to dry cleaning operation systems like ours. There were demonstrations, workshops and free training events, as well as seminars and talks by some of the leaders in the industry. Keynote speakers this year included Adrian Mayhew from Berendsen, Mike Palin from the TSA, Mick Christian from Electrolux, Jackie Chappell, one of the country’s leading cleaning entrepreneurs (and first female CEO of British Rail), and Jonathan O’Brien from The Drycleaner App. There was also a Networking Dinner for attendees, and this year’s event broke previous records for the number of delegates and exhibitors!

At this year’s event we presented our Dry Cleaning EPOS system to delegates, which received a thoroughly positive response. We showcased the features of the system to great effect, demonstrating everything from the basic accounts and sales interfaces, to the workload management and item tracker. Visitors were particularly interested in features like setting staff targets, the expense management tools and our innovative loyalty card module. There was also detailed information about the three tiers we offer for different business sizes Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Not only were visitors impressed with our powerful, easy-to-use systems, they were also blown away by the new design of our exhibition stand. Our fresh new look went down a storm with visitors, and we attracted far more interest than usual!

Our collaborators at this year’s event were ThermoTex and TexID. ThermoTex is a German firm specialising in the marking of textiles, and TexID is the UK and Ireland distribution arm of the company. Our system was also demonstrated on their stand, showing off the seamless integration we can provide with existing systems. Between both of our stands, we showed off Axcess IT’s superb range of options to some of the biggest names in the business.

The team we took to the exhibition thought the 2016 LCT CleanEx Show was our best exhibition to date. We managed to secure double the number of referrals compared to any other year we’ve attended. We made plenty of new connections with influential figures within the industry, and perhaps most importantly, we signed off on a number of exciting deals with dry cleaners across London.

Our team were thrilled with the way the event flowed, and would like to extend their thanks and congratulations to the LCT staff for organising a consistently great event.