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ThermoTex and Axcess IT Announce Exciting New Integrations

As part of an exciting collaboration with ThermoTex, the team here at Axcess IT are thrilled to announce a number of new system integrations which will provide better solutions for our clients and their customers.

We recently met with Tex ID director, TabishAiman, to discuss the integration of a number of our products with ThermoTex’s own systems. The results have been excellent some of them are already in use by our customers, and some of them will launch in the coming weeks. Here’s a little more about the developments we’ve made.

Thermo-Ident 1 & 2

We worked with ThermoTex to integrate out systems with their Thermo-Ident innovations. The Thermo-Ident systems are designed for temporary and permanent marking of garments using a thermal transfer printing process.

We integrated them with our EPOS system and our LAMS (laundry and management) system, offering a multitude of benefits for our customers. Commissioning and handling is now faster and more efficient, while printing, cutting, and heat-sealing can be carried out in the shortest time possible. The system requires little maintenance and is due to go live at one of our customer’s factories very soon.

RFID Systems

The RFID Cage Readers and Table-Top Readers provided by ThermoTex have also been integrated with our systems. This offers fully-automatic identification of different textiles, contactless reading, as well as single reading, stack reading, and bulk reading. Some of our current customers are already using this new innovation, and we’ve had great feedback on it!

Automated Laundry Sorting System SorTexx

Lastly, we’ve managed to integrate our systems with OUT-Sortexx, a laundry sorting system that optimizes working processes. When the garments are ready, staff scan the barcodes which communicate with the ThermoTex sorting cages. A small light at the top of a specific slot is then activated, so the member of staff knows where to put the item. If it’s placed in the wrong cage, an alarm is triggered.

The benefits of this are clear to see. There’s less risk of human error among staff, and they are able to go about their business more efficiently, without making mistakes. The reduced number of lost or misplaced items will also boost the company’s reputation, and there’ll be no need to splash out to replace items on behalf of customers.

How will these integrations help?

These integrations will help our clients develop more efficient working processes, leveraging the very latest technology to offer better services to their own customers. Managers will benefit from less stress, and fewer items will go missing, which means companies will be able to develop a better reputation for quality and high standards.

Our work with ThermoTex is certainly not over. We’re currently working on developing an assisted sorting conveyor system for hanging garments, to make life easier for all laundry businesses.

TabishAiman, Tex ID director, says, TexID, as ThermoTex Nagel’s distributor for RFID and Barcoding solutions, needs to work very closely with ePOS/LMS Integrators to achieve an effective solution. We are proud to include Axcess IT as one of our premier resellers who we fully support with technical back up.  Axcess IT’s wealth of experience, working with a broad spectrum of Clients from single unit Dry Cleaners to large Industrial Scale Laundries, provides a significant level of tacit knowledge and expertise to our team.Having already completed our first few projects together we look forward to a long and beneficial collaboration.