ThermoTex Out-SorTexx Integration

Axcess IT had already integrated with ThermoTex Labelling printers, working on machines such as ThermoIdent and the TT4S, however, it was time to strengthen the connectivity between the Axcess Systems and the ThermoTex technology. The Out-SorTexx is a specialised automated assembly product specifically designed to handle folded garments and flatwork.

Connected directly with Axcess Systems, Out-SorTexx pieces up information from the software’s database and then guides the operator, after scanning the item’s barcode, to the appropriate pigeon hole for placement of each item. Once a lot is completed, the operator is prompted to empty the pigeon hole so that it can be used for assembly of the next lot.

Guidance is provided by an LED light which automatically illuminates under the appropriate pigeon hole and extinguishes after the infra-red beam that is covering the slot has been broken. Should an operator inadvertently place an item in an incorrect pigeon hole, an audible alarm and light beacon is activated. These continue until the item is placed in the correct pigeon hole.

As an alternative to the infra-red beam, a more cost-effective solution is available with a simple button confirmation.

This system saves up to 80% of the space required by traditional manual pigeon holes as it automatically makes slots available as lots get completed. Manual reading of tags and then hunting for the appropriate ticket sellotaped to a pigeon hole has become a thing of the past, as the barcoding or RFID scanning eliminates human error, vastly speeding up the process. This automated assembly system also negates the need to continuously check if a lot is complete, as Out-SorTexx does this in digital form.

Perhaps the biggest factor when considering an automated folded item assembly system is the removal of the possibility of pieces going to the wrong customer. When faced with a large pile of pressed white linen, this is a real risk due to the similarity in appearance. No one wants to face the embarrassment of telling a customer they have lost their cherished bed linen and then have to deal with the compensation claim.

The Dry-Cleaning Business based in Wembley, London, considered the above and after tight coordination with us at Axcess IT, they chose a 32-pigeon-hole Out-SorTexx unit for assembly of customer linen. This has recently been expanded to 48 pigeon holes and there are plans for a brand new Out-SorTexx unit dedicated to hotel guest folded garments. Such was the speed of assembly provided by Out-SorTexx, the system now sits directly behind their iron so operators can commence assembly immediately after pressing.

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