Providing Solutions for Small Laundries

At Axcess IT, we are always looking to provide the best solution for our customers. We recognised a demand for a system for small laundries which would meet their basic needs and budgets; a system which would allow them to take the first step into gradually investing in technology.

Mounts Bay Laundry had recognised it was time to consider using a Laundry Management System to help run their business based in Penzance, Cornwall. After regular conversation with the team, Axcess IT’s in-house engineers drafted up a spec customised to their laundry’s capabilities and needs. The system was going to change the game for the team at Mounts Bay, scrapping the old book system and an age-stricken manual invoice software which regularly led to discrepancies. The new Axcess software enabled staff to easily book in new orders; to have each customers’ pricelist automatically embedded into the system; and to generate and send invoices and statements automatically through the system with great ease and efficiency.

Our team flew down to Penzance to install the system and stayed for three days to make sure the installation was smooth and that the team was adequately trained. Our software has allowed the team to avoid mundane mistakes and the accounts system has freed up more time for management, allowing them to focus on bringing in more business.
Julia Hopkins, director of Mounts Bay Laundry, said: “Being complete technophobes we really fell on our feet employing the services of Axcess IT…they guided us through our new system with ease and good grace. I like the fact that they are always contactable to help us when we have a question or two…GO AXCESS!”

If you are a laundry and would like a system which fits both your budget and your needs, get in contact with our team for a free consultation.

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