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Laundry Security with Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS

As the owner of a laundry business, prioritizing the security of your establishment is paramount. This includes safeguarding your customer’s data, ensuring secure payment processing, and actively monitoring staff activities. As a business owner, the responsibility lies with you to fortify defences against data breaches and unauthorized access. Building confidence and trust in both your employees and the technology utilized for daily operations is crucial.

At Axcess IT – Cleantouch EPOS, we not only streamline the management of your laundry business but also place a significant emphasis on ensuring the security and efficiency of your establishment. Continue reading to explore the array of security tools Cleantouch EPOS offers to enhance the safety of your laundry business.

Axcess IT – CleanTouch EPOS is your 360-Degrees Laundry Security

Point-of-Sale System Security (Laundry POS Security)

In the laundry industry, a reliable Point of Sale security system is a lifeline. CleanTouch EPOS takes it a step further by backing up your data daily to independent servers. This safety net ensures your data remains intact, protecting you from potential disasters like hard drive crashes or theft. All data transmissions are encrypted, fortifying our commitment to thwarting unauthorized access.

Online Payments

In an era of online transactions, payment security with POS is a basic necessity. We’re PCI Compliant, the gold standard in credit card security. Embrace the convenience of online orders while keeping your customers’ information safe.

CleanTouch Staff Security: Empower and Trust Your Team

When you’re running a laundry business, it’s crucial to trust your team. With Cleantouch EPOS, you can ensure that each team member has the right tools and permissions for their role.

Staff Permissions

Whether you’re bringing in a new team member or adjusting the role of an existing one, our EPOS system allows you to choose from various permissions for your staff. Let’s explore some key options:

Edit Orders

Team members can create, edit, and even duplicate orders. This includes adjusting details like items, payment types, and delivery dates. Granting this access to trustworthy staff ensures that each customer order is handled correctly.

Discounts & Credits

If your business offers special discounts or credits to customers, you can give employees the ability to apply these to orders. This permission makes it easier to track which staff member is applying for discounts or credits, helping you assess the effectiveness of your promotions and prevent misuse.

Product Management

From handling the cash drawer to managing product listings and prices, Cleantouch EPOS has it covered. Since the cash drawer often holds a significant amount of money, limiting access ensures that only trained individuals handle cash, reducing the risk of theft or mishandling. Granting access to a select few team members ensures consistent pricing, avoiding potential mistakes.

Invoices & Data Export

Control who can handle invoices and business metrics like revenue and sales. Cleantouch EPOS provides permissions for exporting reports. Since this information is sensitive, restricting access to qualified and trained individuals is crucial. Invoices, and legal documents detailing transactions, require careful management to avoid disputes or legal challenges.

The Cleantouch EPOS system allows you to customize these permissions to match each user’s role and responsibilities. It’s all about ensuring a secure and efficient operation for your staff in your laundry business! Make it a crucial part of your dry-cleaner’s security.

Track Petty cash (Miscellaneous sales & cost)

Monitor staff activity with precision. Know who accessed the cash drawer and when fostering responsibility and transparency within your team.

PIN Prompt

Enable the PIN prompt feature to protect your POS data during inactivity. Each employee can have their PIN, providing an extra layer of security.

Two-Factor Authentication

Elevate security with two-factor authentication on your CleanTouch account. Even if a password is breached, this extra verification step adds a layer of protection.

Embrace Security from Start to Finish

From the beginning of the laundry day to its end, CleanTouch EPOS ensures paramount security. It is your SMART POS System. Focus on delivering clean laundry with peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your digital security is covered. The security feature does not end here. You can switch to advanced-level security with our exclusive vein-reading security feature & RFID watch.

Ready to experience the security revolution? Ping us for more about CleanTouch EPOS today, and let’s secure your laundry business together!

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