Laundry Management System

The Laundry Management System allows you to monitor and record the work coming into your laundry via RFID, barcoding or counting unlabelled items. The LMS enables you to manage your stock taking into consideration Misuse stock, Write-off stock, Loss stock, Wear & Tear stock and Loan stock. The system enables you to pack per customer, manage hamper bags and cages, prepare deliveries and invoice the customer.

Ease of Use (LAMS)

LAMS was developed to make life easy for the user, yet still manage the entire factory ranging from sorting/counting all the way to invoicing. The aim of our developers is to create a system that allows staff to work with ease and greater efficiency. Each feature of LAMS has been designed with user interaction and usability in mind.

Support (LAMS)

The team aims to provide efficient and transparent support to our LAMS customers. The team’s motto, our customer’s business is like ours, is at the heart of everything we do, including the way we support our clients. Our team utilise more than 15 years of experience in the industry to provide clients with solutions ranging from giving advice to fixing a bug.

Install & Training (LAMS)

LAMS setup requires our teams to initially install the systems according to the infrastructure of your unit. Our team can then come in and train both staff and management, help you go live with the system, be onsite when you start using the system, and be on hand if any issues arise.